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WaterAid believes that water, sanitation, and hygiene are the essential foundations to all other forms of development and are vital for poverty reduction. They not only improve health and save time and energy, but also improve people's income, education, and social and cultural well-being. These initiatives also act as a catalyst for communities to carry out further development work themselves, enabling them to take the next steps towards better futures.


WaterAid's mission is to be the leading independent organization working with the world's poorest communities to deliver--and to champion--safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education working towards our vision of a world where everyone has access to safe water and sanitation.


WaterAid works in four ways:

Implement: We catalyze and deliver practical solutions – safe water, sanitation, and hygiene education – delivering basic human rights and tangibly impacting people’s lives.

Share: We serve as a resource sharing viable practices and models based on our learning from communities themselves.

Partner: We foster and promote partnerships across all of our work: at local levels to support sustainable institutions and international levels to catalyze commitment to water and sanitation.

Advocate: We identify, advocate, and advance policy solutions which will deliver maximum benefits to communities in the provision of safe water and sanitation.

WaterAid abides by the principles of integrating water, sanitation and hygiene education into all projects to achieve the greatest benefit for a community; empowering local communities with practical and organizational skills needed to build and maintain their own water and sanitation facilities; focusing on the poorest and most vunerable, particularly women and children; evaluating, Improving, and Sharing knowledge to ensure the highest standards in project design and implementation; and concentrating on sustainable projects using appropriate, simple technology which communities can maintain and repair.


Since establishment in London in 1981, WaterAid has provided water and sanitation to over 9.5 million people. This year alone, WaterAid supports 300 partner organizations in 17 countries in Africa and Asia to reach 760,000 people with safe water and over one million people to improved sanitation.
However, the potential impact of our projects is far greater than these numbers alone. By working in partnership with local communities to deliver services, we ensure the continuation and sustainability long after our initial intervention –impacting the potential health, education and livelihoods of the communities where we work.


Patricia Dandonoli


Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Zambia


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A Gift Card

Basic Needs


Invest In Change

8 hygiene educators

Your gift will focus on providing the salaries of eight community hygiene educators for one year, whose work is imperative in teaching proper hygiene practices. WaterAid and its partners use many ways to promote good hygiene practices and all are based upon the individual community's existing knowledge, beliefs and practices. Our approach to hygiene promotion recognizes that people do not change their behavior simply because...


Promote Sanitation

Latrines for 6000

Your gift will provide 6 communities with access to the tools and skills necessary to build sanitary latrines in safe and secure locations. Not only will your gift result in the provision of somwhere safe and clean for over 6000 people to go to the toilet, but the addition of these facilities empowers communities to be their own catalyast in the reduction of potential dangers...


Create Jobs

Soap business for 5

People living near safe water supplies can look after the water needs of their family in a matter of minutes, leaving the rest of the day free to earn much-needed cash. When people have better health and more time through WaterAid projects households are able to improve their income in many different ways - including increased vegetable sales, farming, and soap-making. Your donation of $500...


Lend A Hand

One handpump

For families in developing countries, drawing water up through the gift of a new handpump protects the water so it is clean and safe to drink and cook with.


Collect Rainwater

One rainwater jar

Your gift will allow a mason to construct a 4,300 cubic liter rainwater jar that can provide water storage for 20 people. Since the provision of the storage tank is the most costly element of a rainwater harvesting project (about 90% of the cost), your gift will allow people to spend less time collecting water, and more time on other activities. Falling rainwater is some...


Composting Toilet

Produces fertilizer

A composting toilet is a special type of toilet that not improves privacy and plays a vital role in keeping families safe from deadly diseases, it also produces compost from human waste. So families benefit from improved health and dignity while their crops benefit from having a renewable source of environmentally friendly fertilizer!


Cement Your Support

Cement for a latrine

Your donation will allow WaterAid to help communities to build a latrine, somewhere safe and clean to go to the toilet. Improving sanitation not only improves health, but also people's dignity and livelihoods.


Promote Hygiene

Community education

Hygiene education/promotion encourages people to replace their unsafe hygiene practices with simple, safe alternatives. WaterAid and its partners use many ways to promote good hygiene practices and all are based upon the individual community's existing knowledge, beliefs and practices. Our approach to hygiene promotion recognizes that people do not change their behavior simply because they are told about health benefits. People are just as strongly...


Water for Life

Safe water for life

Your $25 donation enables WaterAid to provide one person with clean safe water, sanitation and hygiene education in one of the 26 countries where we work. This gift is enough to pay for one person in one of the world's poorest countries to gain access to safe, clean water and sanitation for life.