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Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) is a science-based, non-partisan, non-profit organization finding and promoting solutions to global warming. CA-CP works with companies, campuses, communities and science centers to reduce their carbon emissions - helping partners, their constituents, and other opinion leaders and stakeholders understand global warming’s impacts and best available solutions. CA-CP’s comprehensive outreach efforts celebrate commitment, innovation and success in climate action.


Clean Air-Cool Planet creates partnerships in the Northeast to implement solutions to climate change and build constituencies for effective climate policies and actions.


Three core programs center on greenhouse gas reductions and climate leadership with corporations, communities and campuses. We also run the Northeast Science Center Collaborative, the Carbon Coalition, and a robust Science Outreach program.

In all of our programs, we showcase practical climate solutions that demonstrate the economic opportunities and environmental benefits associated with early actions on climate change.


Since our beginning in 1999, CA-CP has helped more than 200 leading companies, communities, and campuses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; today our partners are eliminating 1,000,000 tons annually. In addition, we’ve created effective outreach programs to educate and mobilize thousands of Northeast citizens to seek global warming solutions within their own communities and households as well through state and regional policy.


United States


100 Market Street

Suite 204

Portsmouth, NH 03801

Phone: (603) 422-6464

EIN: 04-3492988

A Gift Card

Promote Clean Air

One anti-idling sign

Fund an 18 x 24 permanent metal, reflective sign to help a community with its campaign to remind people to shut off their engines while they are waiting at the curb. Public education can help preserve public health, air and water quality while reducing the threat of global warming. Research has shown that even in low temperatures, idling a vehicle is an unnecessary waste of...


Light A Green Tree

Holiday carbon credits

Through Clean Air-Cool Planet's "Green Trees" program, communities can “green up" the energy they use to light their holiday trees. Your gift of $25 makes it possible for a community to offset the carbon pollution from the town's holiday lighting by purchase of renewable energy certificates from NativeEnergy, investing in domestic energy from wind and small-farm methane generated electricity, reducing air pollution, greenhouse gases and...


Help A Campus

Carbon Calculator

You can help campuses take the first step toward effective global warming leadership by providing them with Clean Air-Cool Planet's Campus Carbon Calculator. This software helps campuses document and analyze the sources of their global warming pollution, and observe trends over time. The Calculator, road-tested by more than 200 colleges and universities across North America, provides a framework for data collection and analysis that makes...


Cool A Campus

10 campus solution kits

College campuses can be leaders in addressing global warming using the talents of students, faculty, staff, and the community and their expertise in education. Clean Air-Cool Planet’s Campus Solutions packets – based on our nationally recognized Campus Carbon Calculator and our campus toolkit – are designed to help institutions create a realistic plan of action and get started reducing greenhouse gases. By sponsoring 10 of...


Recruit A Leader

One climate champion

Your gift will fund Clean Air-Cool Planet's ongoing efforts to provide environmental intelligence, expertise and networking to businesses in the manufacturing, retail and service sectors - helping them provide leadership in solving global by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. CA-CP partners with small and medium-sized businesses in order to implement solutions to climate change and build constituencies for effective climate policies and actions. You can...


Fund A Study

One climate case study

Clean Air–Cool Planet has developed a series of comprehensive reports highlighting the "how-tos" of successful corporate climate strategies. Your gift can help identify and share the stories of new “climate champions." We'll write an original case study that describes the energy or operations problems facing a company, and how they sought to reduce costs and emissions through off-the-shelf and innovative solutions. Our case studies include...


Cut Pollution

Renewable energy credits

By donating to Clean Air–Cool Planet, you can offset 1000 pounds of carbon. The donation will purchase Renewable Energy Certificates from NativeEnergy, a Vermont company that provides incremental funding for wind, landfill gas and farm methane projects that might not otherwise be built. In addition to generating electricity without using fossil fuels, these projects help provide indigenous communities, small cities and towns and family farms...


Aid Communities

One climate intern

Give a cash-strapped community a person whose work could save millions in energy costs – and dramatically reduce the threat of global warming at the same time. Your $1500 gift allows Clean Air–Cool Planet to help place, supervise and support community interns to: create or update a community’s greenhouse gas inventory; create a local Climate Action Plan; develop pilot projects to reduce community global warming...


Share Expertise

One science conference

Your gift will sponsor four educators’ attendance at one of CA-CP’s “Meet the Scientists" events, organized through the Northeast Science Center Collaborative. You can help bring world-class climate scientists and expert science educators together at one of these day-long professional development forums - which include interactive lectures on specific climate change topics, opportunities to visit lab or field sites, time to ask questions and opportunities...


Train Educators

Climate workshop

Your gift will help one teacher or science center educator get the resources they need to teach others about global warming by sponsoring their attendance at one of Clean Air Cool-Planet’s Climate Change Backpack trainings. These day-long forums offer educators an opportunity to learn about valuable climate teaching tools, ask questions, and network with their peers. Specifically, they focus on the Climate Change Backpack, recommended...


Give Teaching Tools

Climate change pack

The Climate Change Backpack provides a brief, down-to-earth introduction to climate change science for middle and high school students. It contains graphs, maps, experiments, group activities, an imitation ice core, a compact fluorescent light bulb, a play, solutions-based props, and a bookmark listing websites for more information. All of the materials fit into a Timberland backpack and are designed to expand or contract according to...