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Help The World See, organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in 1989 is a small, dedicated organization focused on the visual needs of the poor in developing countries and furnishing counseling, fundraising, equipment, personnel and technical training in the establishment of permanent, self-sustaining eyecare clinic systems (a central optical laboratory and outlying dispensaries) capable of expanding in-country--providing added local employment while reaching out to serve more needy populations.


To address the enormous visual and ocular health needs of under-served people in developing countries, to include de-termination of patients' refractive error, dispensing eyeglasses, and performing limited eye health examinations--all to be accessible and affordable to low and minimal-income populations.


Our concept differs from the commendable, brief visits to third-world areas by volunteer optometrists providing free treatment and the fitting of recycled glasses which was and is only a brief and insufficient approach to the huge problem. Our approach is to establish a national, permanent and self-sustaining system for low-
cost eye care, comprising a central clinic/optical laboratory for pre-paring prescription lenses and supporting a local network of clinics/dispensaries which provide eye exams and fit the lenses to frames for the patients. This network should be expandable to meet a significant part of a country's eye care needs for the poor.


In addition to having diagnosed eye problems and providing proper prescribed glasses for many thousands of the poor, enabling them to
escape the confines of poor/restrictive vision and lead productive, fulfilling lives, our programs have resulted in additional gainful, satisfying employment for local personnel, and provided a means for closer contact with, and service to, rural, remote and inaccessible areas in a country.


Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Bolivia, Colombia, Gambia, Guyana, Honduras, Liberia, Saint Lucia, Sierra Leone


1150 Camino Verde Circle, Suite G

Walnut Creek, CA 94597-2200

Phone: (925) 935-6005

EIN: 68-0156202

Improve Sight

Eye exam and glasses

Your gift will provide a professional eye exam plus a matched pair of durable prescription glasses for a needy person overseas--young or old ($30.00), OR make a more substantial difference with a sight-saving combination of exams and glasses for a dozen people ($360.00). Prices do not include shipping which varies by destination. In any event, YOU can make a difference!


Equip A Lab

Optical lab equipment

Your donation will provide a kit of miscellaneous accessories for an optical laboratory in a developing country. Prices are approximate as models and prices may change.


Support Eye Clinics

Technician training

Trained lab technicians make the entire vision care process come together in the optical laboratory, and play a key role in providing the gift of good sight for a poor person. Your gift of $34 pays for one hour of training for an optical lab techician to help ensure proper lenses for poor patients' eye wear.