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Of the world's 123 million Deaf people, over 80 million live in developing countries. Less than 10% go to school. Among those, less than 2% are taught in sign language. As a result, most Deaf learners drop-out in primary school and live in isolation.

Kevin Long, founder of Global Deaf Connection (GDC) with a dedicated Board of Directors, advisors and staff, half of whom are Deaf, have made a significant difference.


To improve the quality of life for Deaf, marginalized children and adults in the poorest nations of the world. The combination of advocacy and educational activities empower Deaf people to achieve basic and universal human rights that increase their social and economic self -sufficiency.


GDC works with local hearing and Deaf communities to develop and expand education of the Deaf, communication tools, and to foster leadership and vocational skills-training.

GDC provides: International advocacy and data-bases on Deaf Education; Scholarships to Deaf students to become teachers; Classroom interpreters; Tutoring and Supports to students in high school; Global Ambassadors Exchange Program for Deaf and Hearing professionals to tutor and mentor Deaf students overseas; Local Sign Languge Instructional Tools; Sign Language interpreter training; Upgrade training to master teachers of the Deaf who train classroom teachers; Leadership training and Deaf organization development; Vocational Training and apprentice programs; Sports for the Deaf for community empowerment; HIV AIDSCounselor training; and
Supports to adult Deaf community-based counselor educators.

Much of the work of GDC is supported by individual donations to programs and to the GDC Endowment Fund to support Deaf college students. GDC also benefits from grants from USAID, from the Y's Men International and from the European Community.


As a result of colloboratiion with stakeholders, GDC has acheived admireable results.

In Kenya, twenty GDC-supported Deaf students have graduated from the Machakos Teachers College. They now teach at the 44 schools for the Deaf in Kenya. Eight more are currently enrolled at MTC;

These twenty teachers teach some 800 students per year in a languge they understand. Their chances of succeeding to become effective teachers themselves are increased.

GDC recently organized the first-ever interpreter course in Kenya. Similar courses are planned for neighboring countries.


Kenya, Jamaica, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Angola, Benin, Niger, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Rwanda, Sudan, Ghana, India


2901 38th Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Phone: (612) 724-8565

EIN: 41-1887057

A Gift Card


Train Deaf Teachers

One month of college

Can you imagine paying only $300 annually to attend college or to support a Deaf student to become a teacher? That is roughly the annual cost to attend the well respected Machakos Teachers’ College (MTC) in Kenya. For the majority of Kenyan families whose average income is less than $2 per day, even this is unaffordable. The MTC sees the need for Deaf teachers and...


Help Deaf Families

3 months of support

Your gift of $50 provides three months’ full support to Deaf Community Workers (DCW). The DCWs are provided from this gift a small stipend, travel allowances and materials to share with families. This could also include a sign language picture vocabulary book to facilitate communication within the family (see gift #8). The DCW will often travel with a hearing teacher of the Deaf who can...


Treat Deaf AIDS

One month of medicine

Your life saving gift of $25 per month will provide a month's supply of antiretroviral treatments as well as vitamin supplements and some provision towards a balanced diet. GDC is especially concerned about the Deaf woman and HIV / AIDS in Africa. There are an estimated 300,000 Deaf women in Sub-Saharan Africa. In some countries in this region, more than 20% of the population is...


Improve Hearing

One hearing aid

Your gift of a hearing aid and batteries will assist a moderately to severely deaf child to cope with and flourish in the hearing world. Profoundly Deaf individuals get by just fine using sign and written languages. Empowerment of this group is the primary focus of GDC. For those who can benefit from an appropriately fitted hearing aid, the world drastically changes. The typical hearing...


Support A Deaf Teen

One apprenticeship

Your $30 gift of a job for an out of school Deaf adolescent provides a unique on-the-job training (OJT) experience. GDC, through its partners, match the interests and aptitude of Deaf adolescents with suitable employment. The funds are used to purchase required tools, pay the trainer / employer for up to three months of on-the-job hosting and to provide a small stipend to the trainee....


Help Deaf Families

One signing dictionary

Your gift will provide one sign language dictionary for a family. Deaf trainers introduce the dictionary to the families, and show non-verbal activities that get families and their Deaf children communicating better. Because of you, families will more fluently communicate with their Deaf child, and Deaf children will master the sign and written language of their area, vastly improving the quality of their lives and...


Help A Deaf Student

One month of school

A modest investment of just $12 pays for one month of school fees, books and school supplies for a Deaf high school student in Africa. What a relief for a Deaf student to be able to concentrate on studying, not on how to pay school fees! Studying leads to good grades, and good grades lead to graduation, college, and the possibility of pursuing career goals....


Equip Deaf Athletes

Equipment and uniforms

Your gift of $280 will provide a full set of uniforms for an athletic team in countries like Kenya and Jamaica. The participants will also receive the necessary gear required to play competitive sports, which is usually soccer. Imagine these African Deaf athletes playing on the field with their comrades, with your contribution making it possible! We have found that sports are a great venue...


Tutor A Deaf Child

One month of tutoring

Your contribution of $65 supports one month of intensive literacy tutoring for a small group of Deaf high schoolers. The tutors focus on reading fluency, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Other academic subjects and basic study skills are included as needed. Tutors use visual teaching methods to match the learning style of Deaf students. Tutors are qualified persons who know how to sign. What a...


Outfit A Deaf Child

Uniform for one year

Your gift of $35 will provide two sets of uniforms for a deaf student including shoes for one school year. Since a lot of children have tattered uniforms and when they receive your gift of new threads, they will feel very proud of their attire! Imagine the pride in the child as he goes to school, ready to learn! Because of you, the child will...


Teach Deaf Orphans

One term of school

Your donation of just $50 would make it possible for a Deaf orphan to receive an education and be cared for in a residential school such as the Congo Silent Cooperative for the Deaf or in one of the 38 boarding schools for the Deaf in Kenya. Fees for one term cover tuition, books, school supplies, uniforms and room and board. Pictured on this page...


Interpret Lectures

One week salary

Your gift of only $25 will pay the weekly salary of a sign language interpreter in a teacher training college. The interpreter will sign for a small group of Deaf teacher trainees, making it possible for them to understand their professor. Deaf students struggle to learn when they don’t have interpreters. They try to understand their teachers through lip reading, reading the board, and studying...