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Better Future International was created in response to the crisis facing orphans around the globe. We address the AIDS epidemic, natural disasters, low world health standards and immense poverty which impact these children's lives.

Our Family Care model seeks to keep orphans in the care of their extended family and seeks to avoid having these children abandoned to an orphanage. We do not arrange adoptions. We work to assure that children in our program receive food, a basic education, health care, and a peaceful and loving home. We have an orphans home in Cyvadier, Haiti.

In 2009 we began to care for Aids affected orphans and their foster siblings in Moshi, Tanzania. We provide access to school for the children and food support for the impoverished caregivers (most are the Grandmothers)

A new project in Azua, Dominican Republic began in late summer 2009 serving 24 impoverished orphans, many without birth certificates or access to food.


Our mission is to help orphaned or abandoned children grow into happy and productive citizens of the world. Our Family Care model seeks keep orphans in extended families and out of orphanages.


BFI provides emergency aid to the world's most disadvantaged children thru the donated services of over 50 volunteers and student interns, on an annual budget of less than $200,000. dollars. We pay expenses for staff members who accept foreign service placement contracts of 6 to 12 months.

Many individual donors have provided funding. Better Future is associated with the United Nations department of public information and is headquartered in New York City.


Casa Ana in the Dominican Republic provides education, health care, and an after school program.

Employing the family care model, orphans' extended families are assisted to care for the children. The Family Care Model builds communities, strengthens families and helps orphans become socialized in their own culture. Azua, Dominican Republic opened June 29, 2009.


In 2006 the UN proposed the elimination of group orphanages where ever possible. Management of this new “foster care” paradigm adds complexity and risk to orphans care programs around the world. Better Future International is one of only two orphans’ care NGOs that are associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, and are uniquely situated to embrace this new standard. Our children have always been in small group homes, receiving social worker support in their local communities.

The goal is to provide the financial, health care, and educational support of the poorest families to provide aunts, uncles, and grandparents with the means to care for orphaned children after the crisis has passed.


To assist the Dominican orphans to get food, birth certificates, basic education and health care. As funding increases we wish to pay for their school fees and an after-school program for tutoring. You can help.


Starlene Johnson has led Orphans International America / Better Future International through the tragedy of the Earthquake in Haiti and has just returned from 3 weeks there.


Better Future International Board of Directors:

Kristie Dekoker
Kimberly Andino
Alastair Bushby
Nancy Zhang


Haiti, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United Republic of, Dominican Republic


New York


1037 Bergen Street #D1

Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: 917-626-9695

EIN: 43-1971411

Build a classroom

Outside of Casa Ana

Casa Anna's back yard can become a cool and breezy outdoor classroom to serve more children if we raise money for supplies: outdoor chairs, all-weather tables, awnings, tenting for shade and rain protection. There is no money in our very limited start up budget for any of these items. If you choose to give us money for this we will be thrilled to begin spending...


English Teacher

One Month Salary

Your donation will provide for the salary of an English teacher/tutor for one month. There are great advantages to beginning English instruction at a young age. English will give our children vast opportunities to become successful citizens.


Furnish a classroom

Chairs Desk tables

Your gift will provide chairs, desk and tables for a classroom. When we have the money we are turning Casa Ana into a real school.


Medical care for

a family for a year

Casa Ana in the Dominican Republic is partnered with a local clinic to provide health care to families enrolled at Casa Ana. Your donation will provide medical health care for family for a year in Azua, Dominican Republic. We treat parasites (worms) wounds, skin diseases, malaria.


One bag of rice

25 LB

Your donation will buy a bag of rice (25 lb) to feed our orphans in Azua, Dominican Republic.


Sponsor a Teacher

One Month Salary

Your gift ($200) will provide the salary of a teacher for one month. There are great advantages of receiving a quality education; our children will have an opportunity to create a better future for them selves.


Toys For Orphans

Used Sports equipment

Your gift will provide sports equipment so our children can play the games that other kids play.


Renovate a school

for orphans

With 1000 USD Casa Ana will build a new classroom in our community center which is in Azua, Dominican Republic. Casa Ana was a simple home, which has been converted to a classroom/ community center. With additional funds it can be remodeled to serve more children, more effectively. With areas for computers, library/reading center, art area.


Give A Computer

Show orphans the world

Your donation of a basic computer will open up many opportunities for these disadvantaged children, including advanced education, self tutoring and even job training. We want our children to succeed in this rapidly globalizing world. Help Better Future International in our mission to help orphans explore the world from their computer class. We will also accept donations of laptop computers that have working cd/dvd players...


School Package

School clothes

A critical part of Casa Ana's mission is for orphans to be educated and make educational progress in their own communities. Your donation will provide a school package for a year for an orphan in Dominican Republic. Supplies are not given all at once, but distributed as the need arises and children grow out of shoes, etc. The package is expected to include: 1 uniform...


Feed an orphan

for a week

In partnership with Better Future International the Casa Ana Group established this family care center to help local orphaned and abandoned children of Azua. Our mission includes providing schooling and also providing for their physical well-being. Your donation will provide meals in CASA ANA for a child for one week.


Educate An Orphan

Tuition for a year

Your donation will allow one child to go to school for one year. We will help pay for any tuition, books, supplies and after school tutoring so they don't fall behind. The public school system lacks many resources and provides only a basic education. Casa Ana is committed to its mission of educating impoverished orphans. Not only do all the Casa Ana children attend school...