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Adopt A Camper

Adopt A Camper

One week of camp!

  • $300.00


For many of our campers, they would not be able to attend camp if they had to pay a fee. One of the missions of Camp Looking Glass is to provide a cost-free summer camp experience to the children and adults in our community that have a disability. Not only does CLG provide the food, lodging, and admission costs to events; many times Camp Looking Glass provides the basics to its campers, everything from clothing to toothbrushes, if they need it.

The Gift

This gift will provide an opportunity for a child or adult with a disability to attend Camp Looking Glass. Many of our campers and their families are living in poverty. They do not have clothes, toiletries, a comfortable bed, or experiences that empower them. In addition, your donation will provide a respite for loving families who care 24/7 for their children. For many of our campers, camp is a vacation from the doctor's visits that consume many of the campers days. It is a place where children can be children. It is a place where the campers build confidence in themselves and their abilities, where they develop independence, where they build lifelong friendships.