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Camp Looking Glass is a camp like no other in the
Mississippi Delta. Our campers are children and adults with developmental and physical disabilities, including cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, hearing impairment, cognitive disabilities, and more.

At Camp Looking Glass, we believe that summer camp is a valuable experience for all children who benefit from a positive, structured environment. CLG works to ensure that people with all abilities are not only included, but celebrated in every aspect of life.

Sometimes camp experiences are more subtle. It can as simple as asking someone to dance, jumping into the swimming pool for the first time, or simply gaining independence.


Camp Looking Glass is a summer camp for people with physical and developmental disabilities located in the Mississippi Delta. We provide a respite for families and encourage campers’ self-confidence, creativity, compassion, and joy through engaging in inclusive activities focusing on their individual strengths.


• A weeklong sleep away camp for individuals with disabilities in the Mississippi Delta. Campers do not pay to attend, and counselors are all volunteers.

• Every month campers, counselors, and community members gather in Greenville, MS for a day of arts and crafts.

• Campers and counselors get to travel outside of Mississippi to attend other camps, or help start camps like Looking Glass. Places we have traveled to are Los Angeles, CA and Martha’s Vineyard, MA.


Camp Looking Glass’ mission was born by the vision of one community bound together by caring and compassion. At camp we hope to provide respite for families, build confidence, nourish creativity, foster compassion, and kindle joy. Throughout the camp experience many of our campers will have the opportunity to try activities traditionally barred to them, just as the community will have the opportunity to welcome our diverse and talented participants. It is through this shared experience that lifelong friendships will be formed.


Jennifer Boyce


United States





GREENVILLE, MS 38701-5332

Phone: (785) 766-3311

EIN: 20-3804769

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One week of camp!

This gift will provide an opportunity for a child or adult with a disability to attend Camp Looking Glass. Many of our campers and their families are living in poverty. They do not have clothes, toiletries, a comfortable bed, or experiences that empower them. In addition, your donation will provide a respite for loving families who care 24/7 for their children. For many of our...