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The Women's Funding Network is a world-wide membership of over 115 women's and girls' funds. Our members support the solutions of women and girls through local, national and international grants. WFN advances this movement by supporting these funds through innovative programs and capacity-building expertise. Together, we are creating a safer and more secure world by investing in women and girls.


As a worldwide partnership of women's funds, donors, and allies committed to social justice, Women's Funding Network seeks to ensure that women's funds are recognized as the "investment of choice" for people who value full participation of women and girls as key to strong, equitable, and sustainable communities and societies.


Our capacity-building programs support organizational and individual staff growth to create change on a local, national global level. Examples include:

SheSource -- A database of women who are distinguished experts in their fields and experienced spokespeople. SheSource was created to close the gender gap in news media. As women's visibility in news media increases, so too will their leadership, credibility, and effectiveness in shaping public policy. Experts have been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, NPR and in magazines and newspapers nationwide.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund -- A grant program to support Funds who are addressing the immediate and long-term needs of women and children impacted by Hurricane Katrina, while ensuring that women's leadership is central in the rebuilding efforts.

U.S. Women without Borders -- An online campaign mobilizing 30,000+ members in the U.S. to influence U.S. foreign policy and media. The 2006/2007 campaign is focused on women's solutions for alleviating poverty.

Women of Color/International Development Incubator -- An 8-month fundraising training for U.S. women of color and women from the Global South designed to increase Fundraising skills and Fund development.


We’re boosting our members’ fundraising and grantmaking through grants, leadership training for development staff (WOCIDI) and our New Wealth, Women and Philanthropy project. WFN bridges religious, economic and geographic divides in the name of a shared vision with programs such as Katrina Relief; US Women Without Borders; and Faith, Feminism and Philanthropy. We’re strengthening our member funds with groundbreaking new capacity-building tools such as Smart Growth and Making the Case. We’re changing the way the world sees women and girls by broadcasting their expertise and opinions to the world with media assistance and outreach programs.


Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Nicaragua, South Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


1375 Sutter Street, Suite 406
San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: (415) 441-0706
EIN: 41-1685134

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Half-day conference

Leading a women’s fund is never easy. Equipping an international woman to lead such an endeavor truly takes a global village. WFN prioritizes bringing leaders from the around the world to our Member Conference for several reasons. First, we offer our American member funds the opportunity to learn from, and be inspired by, their success. Secondly, the right conference offering the right tools can bolster...