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Wildlife Alliance is an international non-profit conservation and wildlife protection organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. with field offices and partnerships in Cambodia, Thailand, and the Russian Far East.


Wildlife Alliance's mission is to protect and preserve wildlife, forests and oceans for future generations.


Since its inception in 1994 as the Global Survival Network, the organization now known as Wildlife Alliance has worked with local governments, communities and other like-minded non-governmental organizations to implement cutting edge programs in Southeast Asia, Russia, and the Western Pacific that protect wildlife in the field, fight the illegal trade of wildlife parts, reduce consumer demand, and provide alternative livelihoods to illegal trading for local communities.


Our field operations train and equip park rangers and law enforcement officials to fight crimes against nature and prevent poaching and illegal habitat destruction.

Community-based environmental education
Sustainable agriculture development
International awareness campaigns



Continuation of programs in Southeast Asia and the Russian Far East.


Michael Zwirn directs the U.S. headquarters of Wildlife Alliance, an international conservation organization with the mission to provide direct protection to wildlife in danger, by stopping habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia, Russia, and the Western Pacific. He represents the organization to funding agencies, government partners, and peer organizations in the United States, and supervises the headquarters role in financial oversight, communications, and fundraising.


Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Micronesia, Federated States of, Myanmar, Philippines, Russian Federation, Thailand, United States, Viet Nam


District of Columbia


1150 17th St NW
Suite 403
Phone: (202) 223-6350
EIN: 52-1934148

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Kouprey Express

Outreach & Education

Your gift will provide funding for books, fuel and other necessary supplies that keep this project going. The Kouprey Express spends much of its time working in communities that are adjacent to national parks, protected forests, and other key centers for wildlife and biodiversity. There, communities are highly dependent on the environment, which provides much of their food, water, shelter, and traditional medicine. Because these...


Protect the People

Community Support

Your gift will prove Wildlife Alliance with the tools necessary to help suport these local communities. The aim of Wildlife Alliance's Community Agriculture Development Project (CADP) is to reverse the thirty year cycle of poverty and natural resource destruction that started when the Khmer Rouge confiscated farmers' plowing equipment. By giving plows and seeds back to these farmers, CADP's goal is to help them return...


Cardamom Mountains

Protect the Forest

Your gift will help provide Wildlife Alliance with the suport necessary for implementing our three tiered approach to conservation. This approach based on Wildlife Alliance's park protection model: combines ranger patrolling, community outreach, and wildlife monitoring to stop wildlife poaching and illegal logging while helping to develop income alternatives for surrounding communities.


Sponsor an Animal

Care for Wild Animals

This gift will provide food, shelter and medicine to many animals. Some of the animals were provide care for are elephants, tigers, lemurs, and birds.


Sponsor A Ranger

Ranger Patrols

Park rangers play a vital role in wildlife protection, as they are the first, and sometimes only, line of defense when it comes to protecting animals and animal habitat. Wildlife Alliance not only trains rangers to protect national parks and other protected areas; we also provide continuous logistical and technical support to rangers, thus allowing them to patrol areas more efficiently and track down poachers...