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Overview empowers people around the world with access to safe water and sanitation.

We do this by helping people access small, affordable loans that enable them to install household water connections and toilets. When given an opportunity to pay for water and sanitation improvements with loans, families opt to finance long-term solutions versus struggle day-to-day to find the next liter of water. has helped change the lives of more than 13 million people with access to safe water and sanitation in 16 countries around the world, giving families hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty.


Our vision is safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all. We believe water is the way to break the cycle of poverty, to protect and save lives and to make a bright future possible for all.


One of the major barriers to safe water and sanitation is access to affordable financing. We address this barrier head-on by partnering with carefully selected financial institutions in the countries we work to provide affordable water and sanitation loans to families in need. Borrowers use these small, affordable loans to install a tap or toilet in their homes and get access to local resources to do the work.

When given an opportunity to pay for water and sanitation improvements with loans, families opt to finance long-term solutions versus struggle day-to-day to find that next liter of water. More than 90% of borrowers are women – those most impacted by the water crisis – and loan repayment rates are above 99%. The most encouraging aspect of this repayment rate is that every repaid loan can empower another family with safe water.


Our solution to use access to affordable financing for water and sanitation is proven, powerful, and we are reaching more people faster and at a lower cost.

Our impact is accelerating. A few years ago we were able to reach one million people in a year. Now we can reach a million people in a matter of months. Our goal is to change the lives of 60 million people by 2022. seeks to do more, faster, and in partnership with others to make finance affordable and accessible to those living in poverty, spurring system change at all levels — local, national, and global.

We will continue to break down the barriers between people and access to water and sanitation and work toward the day when everyone in the world has safe water and the dignity of a toilet.


Gary White, CEO & Co-founder


Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania and Uganda


117 West 20th St Suite 203

Kansas City, MO 64108

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Basic Needs



Toilet and Water Connections

Gives safe sanitation for 8 families

$100 helps provide a toilet or water connection for 8 families in a developing country. Healthier children are able to attend school. Healthy adults are able to work and provide for their family. works with local finance institutions to offer affordable loans for water and sanitation, putting the tools to solve the water crisis in the hands of the people who need them.


Promote Sanitation

Educate 130 Children

This gift will pay for 130 children to receive health and sanitation education classes. We are constructing five community spring water catchment systems and pit latrines for individual households and the local elementary school, and providing health education, community development and technical training. Upon completion, 1,720 people will have access to safe water and latrines. Clean, accessible water will allow women and children time for...


Give A Child Water

Safe water & latrines

Your gift will provide one child with clean water and sanitation. This project is a WaterCredit initiative. Families in these communities are ready for a big change. A survey of the area by our India partner found 81% of households were interested in taking out a loan for a water or sanitation facility. Families are willing to take out loans for the construction costs and...


Gift Card for

Safe water & latrines