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Village Earth was born in 1993 at an International Conference on Sustainable Village-Based Development in Fort Collins, Colorado, where more than 300 participants from 30 nations created the Consortium for Sustainable Village-Based Development (CSVBD) and gave it the mandate to implement and train others in the strategies discussed during the conference. Since its inception Village Earth has trained and consulted with hundreds of individuals and organizations in countries such as Nepal, Bangladesh, India, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Bosnia, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Columbia, and elsewhere.


We believe that communities must be empowered to access and manage the resources they need to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

We trust and value the ability of local communities to shape and create their own vision for the future, as well as the path to move toward it.

We believe that transparency and participatory decision-making is central to the goal of social justice and sustai


Village Earth is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable, community-based development around the world by providing innovative training, consultation, appropriate technology information, and project support services.


Lakota Lands Recovery Project on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota

Shipibo Livlihoods Project. Amazon Basin, Peru

Aziza Schoolhouse Project. Cambodia

Purulia Microfinance Initiative. Purlia, India

Guatemala Project

Training in Community-Based Development


On the Pine Ridge Reservation, we are building a grassroots network of families, individuals, community leaders, grassroots and tribal organizations, technical experts, and funders to create a web of resources necessary to realize the vision of Lakota families living on and utilizing their own lands, over 60 percent of which are currently being leased out by the Federal Government, for less than fair-market value.

In the Amazon basin of Peru we helped to establish the first ever regional organization of indigenous Shipibo villages called the Organization for the Defense and Development of the People's of the Amazon (ODPIAP). This mandate given to this organization by community leaders from 60 different Shipibo villages was to serve as a unified voice for the defense of their natural resources and to help connect them to resources for grassroots projects.

Our project partner in Phnom Penh, Cambodia has seen amazing growth and success this past year with the establishment of a new school. Now even more disadvantaged Cambodian children are receiving a better education and medical care.

Our global training programs have increased enrollment with individuals and organizations seeking training in bottom-up participatory development skills. This past year we had dozens of people participate in our workshops and courses coming from over 15 countries. We have expanded our offerings to meet this growing demand.


Cambodia, Guatemala, India, Peru, United States


Colorado, South Dakota


PO BOX 797
FORT COLLINS, CO 80522-0797
Phone: (970) 491-5754
EIN: 84-1243878

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Doctor Visit

This gift will provide a doctor visit for our school as well as medicine, and health education, so students can get treated before a condition becomes serious, or referred to a hospital when it is serious. Our weekly clinics have helped hundreds, and are valued by the community. This gift will help approximately 30 people.


Restore tribal land

25 feet of fence

This gift will help purchase 25 feet of quality buffalo fencing for Lakota bison caretakers living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.


Gift A Buffalo

One Buffalo for Family

Village Earth's Adopt-A-Buffalo campaign helps Lakota families reclaim their legally allotted lands from the BIA leasing system and access the resources needed to live on, protect, and utilize it, helping to return the balance between economy, ecology, and culture. To date - we have helped start two new Lakota owned buffalo ranches, and expand two more. We have also helped develop a marketing cooperative to...