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Transparency International USA


Bribery and corruption divert scare resources that would help lift millions out of poverty. Corruption raises the cost of essential public services, such as education, nutrition, clean water and health care, and impedes investment that would translate into economic growth and higher standards of living. It denies citizens, businesses, taxpayers and consumers the benefit of open markets and fair competition. Corruption destroys public trust in democratic institutions, destabilizes societies, and has profound implications for security.


To reduce corruption and bribery in international business and development by mobilizing leaders in government, international institutions, private sector and civil society to make the fight against corruption a top priority, adopt the highest standards of conduct and promote implementation and enforcement of multilateral anti-corruption initiatives.


TI-USA is the US chapter of Transparency International (TI), the only non-governmental organization solely devoted to fighting corruption. TI’s local chapters in over 95 countries are politically non-partisan and focus on addressing the root causes of corruption. We use a range of advocacy, public information and capacity-building programs, conduct research and develop tools to analyze, diagnose and prevent corruption and strengthen transparency and accountability in government and the private sector. TI works in coalition with government, civil society and business to develop lasting solutions to corruption.

TI-USA’s focus is on: securing change through laws and regulations; mobilizing development assistance to fight corruption; and encouraging private sector action.


TI-USA and TI's other national chapters have made great strides in raising the visibility of corruption as an endemic global problem. Internationally, TI has worked toward the implementation and enforcement of international anti-bribery conventions and national laws prohibiting bribery and corruption. We have worked with international lenders and donors to address corruption so that development assistance reaches the intended beneficiaries . We also work with the US and international companies to help raise standards of corporate practice in countering bribery and other corrupt acts.


United States


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