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The Water Project works to remove a crippling obstacle to development in communities throughout Africa - the lack of access to clean water.

We're helping build water projects that meet the needs of the communities they are in. We help dig wells, build dams, construct rainwater catchment systems, install water storage tanks and filter water.

We don't view our work as "relief". Rather we see it as helping people help themselves. By providing clean, safe drinking water, we remove the obstacle that's keeping communities from helping themselves.

We know that the key to long term sustainability is the commitment of the people to these projects. So, we work with local NGOs and implementers who understand that development must be done in an integrated manner that is led and managed by the local community.

Clean water doesn't fix everything but it does build the necessary foundation for much more to be done. Whatever the need, it likely begins with water.

When water comes, everything changes!


The Water Project, Inc. is a Christian organization that's bringing relief to communities around the world who suffer needlessly from a lack of access to clean water.


We began our joint mission to alleviate suffering in August of 2006. What started with a few inspired teens and adults, in Saint John, NB Canada, now reaches thousands of people every week with a compelling call to action. The Water Project, to date, has helped over 10,000 people improve their access to clean water. All of us have experienced the impact a few voices can have. We know that every effort and contribution matters. That's why we continue to tell others, so that they might do the same.


We're currently working in Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, and India.

Water For Schools: Kenya is a program designed to give communities access to water by digging deep wells at schools. These wells serve over 3,000 people each and forever change the lives of students, teachers and their parents.

Well Repair: Zambia - one of our most cost effective programs, carried out through our partners at Thirst Relief International, are well repair programs in Zambia. Fixing broken hand pumps, left from years of neglect, can bring water to community for pennies per person.

Biosand Water Filters: These amazing filters were first installed by our partner in Nkuv, Cameroon and have had a dramatic effect on the community there. The local implementer documents every filter he installs.

Shallow Wells in India: We're working to help dig inexpensive small wells in India that provide water to communities of around 500 people.


Water Changes Everything

Poverty - the cycle of poverty can be broken when productivity is improved. Time lost to sickness from waterborne diseases has a devastating impact. By providing clean water, people get back to work.

Hunger - food security, knowing you'll have something to eat, is an integral issue to sustainable development. Building weirs (sand dams) can trap vast amounts of water that previously flowed past and was lost in seasonal waterways.

These reservoirs raise the water table, allowing crops to be grown with confidence they'll last through the dry season.

Education - if you spend five hours or more a day gathering dirty water to drink, you simply can't go to school. If your sick from drinking that water, you can concentrate. If your a girl and there's no access to proper sanitation, your problems are even worse and cost your dignity and your future.

Giving water to students means bringing back hope. Hope that with a proper education these children will become the leaders who'll lift their own communities out of poverty.

HIV/AIDS - Bridget's Story.

Bridget should be just another statistic of despair. She's a teenage HIV/AIDS orphan who lost both parents to this disease. She lives in a community that houses orphans in individuals homes - the Guardians of Hope.

Why does water matter? Because with her new access to water, Bridget and other orphans began a business growing tree seedlings to sell in a local market - at a profit. She's the treasurer. Her books tell a story of one girl and one community lifting themselves up and defying their circumstance.

We asked Bridget what she does with the goes to the other orphans.

Water, Help, Hope


We're rapidly expanding our projects in Kenya and hope to begin a pilot biosand filtration project there soon.

We're also looking to begin funding more types of projects in India.


Peter Chasse


Michael D. Ballou
Andrew Scott


United States, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Zambia


PO Box 39487
Charlotte, NC 28278
Phone: (704) 900-7910
EIN: 26-1455510

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Basic Needs

Build A Well

Give 20 Years of Water

$20 provides one student with water for their entire childhood This gift will be used entirely to fund the construction of wells at schools in Kenya. Each well will serve over 400 students and their communities. With proper access to water, these students can get back to work preparing for a future full of hope. Their communities will develop quickly as they break the cycle...


Fix a Well

Give water to hundreds

For less than $1 per person you can help bring clean water back to village that desperately needs it. Your gift will be used to overhaul a broken well by replacing seals, fixing gears, unclogging screens, and whatever else is needed so that clean, safe water can flow again. If it costs less than $500, and sometimes it does, your gift will "rollover" to the...


Water for Students

Help Dig a Well

$10 provides one student water for up to 10 years This gift will be used entirely to fund the construction of a well a school in Kenya. Each well will serve over 400 students and their communities. With proper access to water, these students can get back to work preparing for a future full of hope. Their communities will develop quickly as they break the...