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The Synergos Institute is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the development of effective, sustainable and locally based solutions to poverty. Working with partners, Synergos' mission is to mobilize resources and bridge social and economic divides to reduce poverty and increase equity around the world.


Synergos and its partners mobilize resources and bridge social and economic divides to reduce poverty and increase equity around the world.


Strengthening Bridging Organizations: Building and strengthening community development foundations and other bridging organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Global Philanthropists Circle: A dynamic network of leading international philanthropists dedicated to eliminating poverty and increasing equity worldwide.

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships: Catalyzing partnerships between government, business and civil society to solve complex development challenges.


Synergos has increased the capacity of hundreds of civil society organizations and dozens of philanthropists around the world to support and build partnerships with thousands of community groups, benefiting several million families.


Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Mozambique, Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, United States, Zimbabwe


51 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor
New York, NY 10010
Phone: (212) 447-8111
EIN: 13-3392006

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Countries and Regions

Fight Poverty

Strengthen local action

Your gift will help us strengthen philanthropy in Southern Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America (including along the US-Mexico border), providing sustainable financing for local action to overcome poverty. Strong local philanthropic organizations bridge divides between sectors of the economy, between socio-economic classes and between cultural, political, ethnic, and religious groups in ways that unite rather than divide communities. Synergos increases the capacity of these...


Promote Nutrition

Solutions for India

Your gift will support efforts in Maharashtra, India's second most populous state, to create solutions that can be scaled up for use in many parts of the country. A local organization, the Bhavishya Trust, has been created to undertake this important task. A powerful group of Indian organizations has joined the initiative, including civil society groups, businesses key government agencies. Together, they removing deeply rooted...