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Urban Tech helps underserved communities to fully participate in an information age. Through partnerships with community-based organizations, we have created a nationwide network of computer training centers and ground-breaking curriculum that empower job seekers and inspire youth achievement.


To help teachers and community based instructors engage students, do problem solving, assist in reasoning and build skills (computer skills, reading, discussion and writing, life skills) for post secondary education and employment using the Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) curriculum.


YLA is a multi-disciplinary strategy and pedagogy for reaching diverse learners using an engaging curriculum, such as on-line animation, group discussions, interactive games, simulation, role-playing, self-discovery questionnaires and journals to teach youth how to identify problems, weigh various options, assess risk, draw conclusions and improve their communication skills about topics that are critical to their lives – topics such as Self Discovery, Personal Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Habits including Alcohol and Drug Prevention Strategies, and Community Involvement. YLA is designed to improve the social, emotional, and academic competencies of participating students and address a range of important issues including school dropout, drug abuse and teen pregnancy while making learning fun and engaging. YLA uses technology to provide an experiential and interactive learning environment, to stimulate creativity, improve self-concept and help students address real life issues. It provides detailed lesson plans for instructors and tracking mechanisms to correct learning problems when they occur. The life skills topics covered in the curriculum are developmentally appropriate for all learners and YLA has proven to be an effective continuum for a wide range of ages, from elementary school through high school.


An evaluation of the program at Montclair High School, Montclair, NJ was conducted during the 2002-2003 school year. The project involved working with the school’s teachers and students to integrate technology in the curriculum, to involve parents, to introduce life skills and encourage culturally sensitive instruction, as part of the school’s broader mandate to close the achievement gap between at risk students and the rest of the student body. The findings showed that the program has contributed to student growth, created an environment that supports learning, and increased levels of student motivation.


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Your gift of $1500 will provide a school or community-based organization with The Leadership Series for one year.