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The Marshall Legacy Institute (MLI) is a non-profit, international humanitarian organization formed on the 50th anniversary of the Marshall Plan. MLI aims to extend the Marshall Plan's legacy to: Develop indigenous capabilities that apply technological; Encourage conditions that foster health, stability and security; Provide relief to the suffering; Facilitate scientific, educational and charitable activities with other organizations; Leverage resources by forming public-private partnerships.


MLI applies practical solutions to assist countries in easing the scourge of landmines. MLI provides mine detection dogs, management training, and mine awareness education to reduce suffering and restore hope to people, especially children, in war-torn countries. MLI also uses innovative technologies to improve the lives of landmine survivors.


MLI established the K9 Demining Corps Campaign for the sole purpose of establishing efficient, sustainable programs to rid the
scourge of landmines. The K9 Demining Corps Campaign has evolved from a simple fact—that mine detection dog teams have proven to be among the very most valuable, versatile and cost-effective resources in humanitarian demining operations. Each dog costs MLI $20,000 and is matched almost three to one by the work of local and international partners. In 2005 alone, MLI has provided 26 lifesaving dogs to three countries: Azerbaijan (7), Bosnia (12) and Sri Lanka (7). In 2006, MLI plans to send at least 24 more mine detection dogs to severely landmine affected countries such as Angola, Azerbaijan and Bosnia.

MLI’s CHildren Against Mines Program (CHAMPS) fosters a sense of global citizenship and informs American youth about the plight of children in mine affected countries. Students have sent mine detection dogs named Apollo, Lilo and Wyoming, to help save and improve the lives of chilren in Bosnia and Sri Lanka.


MLI's programs help landmine affected countries restore hope, growth and stability to their populaces through: development of technology, information, and operational rograms to mitigate the effects of the global landmine problem; establishment of affordable, effective, and sustainable indigenous humanitarian demining programs; provision of resources and training to severely affected countries.

Previous programs have benefited Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Eritrea, Lebanon, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Zambia.


Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Eritrea, Iraq, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, United States, Viet Nam


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Phone: (703) 243-9200
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Build Capacity

Your gift will enable our local partner agency to train a poor farmer in organic, sustainable approaches to agriculture so that they can grow healthy food, increase their yield, use biogas generators, increase income for their family, and protect the environment. Through our local partner, Sustainable Harvest International, Trickle Up provides communities with 1 to 3 years of training and monitoring in cost-effective organic farming...

Support Farmers

Seed capital for one

Your gift will provide the seed capital necessary for a poor farmer in Nicaragua to take the first steps out of poverty by starting a microenterprise.


Involve Students


The Children Against Mines Program (CHAMPS) is an educational and outreach program that presents students and local communities with the opportunity to learn how landmines affect people and animals in war-torn nations and take action. CHAMPS highlights the work of mine detection dogs and how human-dog teams work together to “sniff out" landmines and save lives. CHAMPS provides students with: (1) the experience of helping...


Sniff Out Landmines

One week of detection

A landmine detection dog, paired with a dedicated handler, can greatly increase the speed and safety of efforts to find and remove landmines. A mine detection dog team can work ten times as fast as a person alone. To help countries recover from conflict, MLI provides fully trained mine detection dogs and training for local handlers as a permanent gift. Your gift will cover one...


Launch A Business

Start-up capital

Your gift will enable an individual living in poverty to start a microenterprise. Whether it is used to buy an oven for a bakery, a computer for a daycare center, a kiln for an artisan, or other materials needed to launch a business of the entrepreneur’s choosing, your gift will help someone take the first steps out of poverty. Trickle Up gives grants to entrepreneurs...