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The Environmental Law Institute is a global leader in protecting our environment through law, policy, and management. We are an independent, non-partisan education and policy and research center committed to the rule of law, democratic governance, and policy innovation as keys to environmental protection and sustainable development.


ELI advances environmental protection by improving law, policy and management.


ELI has a proud record of accomplishment in environmental protection. We have trained over 50,000 lawyers and managers as well as 800 judges in 13 countries in basic and advanced environmental law and practice; defended sound wetlands law and policy and worked with federal and state governments to recognize citizen leadership in wetlands protection; helped develop state healthy schools policies; helped develop biodiversity coalitions in Delaware, Indiana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, and New Hampshire working to adopt new programs to protect and restore biodiversity in their states; strengthened the legal and policy framework for cleanup and reuse of contaminated sites; advanced environmental justice; to name just a few.


The need for ELI has never been greater. ELI believes that environmental law can guide and inform decisionmakers on matters ranging from planning new highways, enforcing rules on factory pollution, negotiating trade agreements, or fashioning new approaches for an equitable share of the benefits of genetic resources. Improving today's living standards without impairing the opportunities of future generations - the essence of sustainable development - demands that environmental values be integrated in decisionmaking and that citizens' voices be heard.


South Africa, Liberia, Chile, Paraguay, Uganda


2000 L Street, NW
Suite 620
Washington, DC 20036
Phone: (202) 939-3800
EIN: 52-0901863

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