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TASC's vision is that students from all backgrounds will have access to the range of high quality activities beyond the school day that every family wants for their children: experiences that support their intellectual, creative and healthy development and help them to be their best, in and out of school.


The After-School Corporation (TASC) is dedicated to giving all kids opportunities to grow through after-school and summer activities that support, educate and inspire them.


Since 1998, TASC has helped more than 300,000 children discover and develop their potential through high quality, engaging after-school programs. The first nonprofit organization in the nation which set out to build a citywide K-12 after-school system, TASC has helped to transform the way after-school is delivered and funded in New York City, the state and the nation.

TASC began with the goal of creating a critical mass of quality after-school programs with demonstrable benefits, operating every day until 6 PM inside public schools.

TASC has changed the lives of the quarter million kids who have passed through its programs, exposing them to new possibilities and opportunities for self-discovery many would have found nowhere else. But it has also raised the bar on quality and contributed to a local and national transformation in the way after-school is delivered, funded, and institutionalized as an essential service for kids and families.


Program Support & Innovation
TASC’s standard-setting program model opens enrollment to every family in participating schools, and keeps kids safe, healthy and engaged. Curriculum developed by TASC expands on how and what kids learn during the school day. TASC matches programs with organizational partners who connect kids with the culture of big city life, and with the natural world.

Public Policy & Advocacy
TASC uses research and evaluation as a basis to raise awareness of after-school as a fundamental need of communities and families, and as a system of programs worthy of public support. We inform and educate policy-makers and elected officials. We support and promote the expansion of high quality after-school programs in New York City, New York State and around the country. We work to shape policy to assure that publicly-funded after-school initiatives are high quality.

Building the After-School Field
TASC is committed to training after-school staff members every year and at every level – from full-time site coordinators to high school group leaders – and gathering them frequently for exchanges among peers. We have built a citywide network of trainers and we pay for staff to master core competencies (such as managing behavior) as well as specialized training of their choice.


Schools can't give kids all they need in seven hours a day. Families can't do it all in the hectic hours between work and bedtime. Higher income families recognize this, which is why they pay for their kids to have homework help, music lessons, art experiences, team sports and other precursors to 21st century careers.

If we want all kids to meet our expectations, we've got to close the experience gap between kids with more and fewer advantages by giving all kids equal opportunities to develop to their fullest potential.

The hours between 3 and 6 PM are the time, and after-school is the place.

Publicly-funded, comprehensive after-school programs narrow the gap, giving all kids an equal shot at success. As kids come of age, they become places to build pressure-free relationships with adults that keep kids on track to graduate. They are vital for the health and happiness of kids, for the stability of the communities where they live, and for everyone's future.


The objective of TASC's staff, board, and loyal supporters is to make progress in these key areas:

QUALITY: Despite great progress in the last decade, in New York and the nation there continues to be great variability in the content and quality of after-school programs.

AVAILABILITY: Millions of kids have no adult supervision after school and no access to programs that keep them safe and meet their needs during the hours of 3 and 6.

SUSTAINABILITY: Schools, families and communities have come to expect after-school programs to operate reliably day after day and year after year. Yet programs remain dependent on cyclical and too often unreliable public funding.


Lucy N. Friedman is the president of TASC. Prior to joining TASC, Dr. Friedman was the founder and Executive Director of Victim Services (now known as Safe Horizon) for 20 years, the leading and largest crime victim assistance and advocacy organization in the country. In 1989, Dr. Friedman led a study group for Mayor David Dinkins, which recommended the creation of Beacon programs in New York City. She serves on several boards, including the Afterschool Alliance, Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America, Center for Family Life Policy, New Destiny Housing Corporation and Bryn Mawr College. Lucy holds a BA from Bryn Mawr College, a Ph.D. in social psychology from Columbia University and was a Peace Corps volunteer from 1965-1967 in the Dominican Republic.


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Help Kids Speak Up

Youth Activism

While working parents need daily after-school programs more than ever, the economic crisis puts pressure on public funding. It costs $1,000 for one busload of New York City kids and parents to visit Albany and meet with legislators, as they learn about the Democratic process. Help TASC support, educate and inspire kids through after-school experiences.


Help With College

Scholarships for Staff

It costs $1,000 to sponsor tuition for one after-school worker to enroll in a college course and work toward a degree in a field that will help all kids be their best, in and out of school. Help TASC give after-school staff the chance to finish college.


Learning After 3

Help One Child

It costs the price of a portable DVD player ($100) to pay for a child in New York City public schools to attend a high quality after-school program for two weeks. Help TASC give kids the after-school experiences they need to be their best, in and out of school.


Help Young Readers

Choose to Read

It costs the price of two Jamba Juice smoothies ($10) to provide two books for kids to browse and read in after-school programs when the school library is closed. Help TASC give kids the after-school experiences they need to be their best, in and out of school.


Defeat Math Phobia

Make Math Fun

It costs the price of two Starbucks lattes ($10) to provide five math games for New York City public school kids to use in after-school programs. Help TASC give kids the after-school experiences they need to be their best, in and out of school.


Dance, Sing, Play

Music After School

It costs the price of ten songs on iTunes ($10) to provide New York City public school kids with one hour of dance or music instruction after school. Help TASC give kids the after-school experiences they need to be their best, in and out of school.


Get Kids Moving

Sports After School

It costs the price of two months of Netflix ($10) to provide one hour of after-school coaching for New York City public school kids. Help TASC give kids the after-school experiences they need to be their best, in and out of school.


Grow Scientists

Build Science Programs

It costs the price of a movie ticket ($10) to provide 10 magnifying glasses to New York City public school kids to do hands-on science projects after school. Help TASC give kids the after-school experiences they need to be their best, in and out of school.