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Successful businesses provide jobs, income, and opportunity. At TechnoServe, we help enterprising people in the developing world build business by giving them the same advice good management consultants give to the world’s leading corporations.


TechnoServe helps entrepreneurial men and women in poor rural areas of the developing world to build businesses that create income, opportunity and economic growth for their families, their communities and their countries.


TechnoServe helps entrepreneurs identify customer needs by tapping into market information that is immediately useful for their purposes; develops entrepreneurs’ capacity to assemble capable managers, create sound business plans, raise financing, and penetrate markets; provides businesses with world-class advice through our alliances with experts in the field; helps businesses to think and act strategically so that they can continue to grow

TechnoServe provides a range of business development services, including: business planning; capital raising; employee training; operational support; market and industry research; strategic planning; industry association support; policy analysis; and advocacy support.

TechnoServe works in the following sectors: agriculture; alternative energy; tourism; wood products; and entrepreneurship development.


Since its inception in 1968, TechnoServe has helped to create or improve more than 1,500 businesses, benefiting millions of people in 30 countries. In 2005, TechnoServe assisted 166 clients who generated nearly $50 million in sales and purchased about $35 million worth of products from more than 143,000 rural producers. We have also trained thousands of people in business and entrepreneurial skills.


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Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, United Republic of, Uganda, Brazil


49 Day Street
Norwalk, CT 06854
Phone: (800) 999-6757
EIN: 13-2626135

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Train Youth

Tuition for one

TechnoServe is implementing a youth entreprenuership program aimed at developing young people’s business skills. Currently we are piloting the program in secondary schools, and will eventually roll out the program to nearly 7500 students. TechnoServe’s youth entrepreneurship program will create an entrepreneurial culture among Swazi youth and will push students to seek further education and/or start a business. For $75 you can pay the entrepreneurship...


Help Farmers

One year of healthcare

Though volatility in global coffee prices continues to pose a challenge to the livelihoods of small farmers, it has also created opportunity for positive transformation in the horticulture industry. Diversification out of low-grade coffee into high-value horticultural crops will increase small farmer income and reduce poverty. A $100 gift will generate enough income to pay the annual health care costs for one family.


Aid An Entrepreneur

Marketing services

Your $25 gift will provide professional consulting services to one entrepreneur. The project will assist entreprenuers in developing: market analysis of opportunities; marketing strategy; marketing materials; and revised/redesigned packaging. The project will create the following sustainable results within 1 year: $10,000 increase in client sales; $2,000 increase in profits; $1,000 increased purchases from suppliers; and 50 small producers with increased sales.


Produce Coffee

Training for a farmer

TechnoServe has supported the Tanzanian coffee industry in its transformation from a low-quality coffee producing nation to a source of the world’s finest boutique specialty coffees. The transition to higher quality arabica beans will lead to higher incomes for Tanzanian coffee farmers, allowing the to pay for education and health care for their family and communities. A $50 gift will provide entrepreneurship and quality improvement...