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Swim Strong is about inspiring kids to get UP, OFF the couch and swim competitively for their Health, Safety and the wonderful Life Lessons they learn.

These Life Lessons include self discipline, goal setting, making and keeping commitments, persistence, focus, organizational skills, resiliency and team work --- all of which can be applied immediately to their school work, ultimately taken into their careers and given back to their communities – a circle of life.

Swim Strong is also about opening new doors; providing new experiences and increasing the possibilities to broaden their horizons. Children from SWIM STRONG have gone on to swim for their high schools, USA Swim Teams and earned college scholarships. They have gone on to become lifeguards, swim coaches, Masters Swimmers, Water Safety Instructors, divers, water polo players, sailors, and scuba divers, the list goes on and on!



Swim Strong Foundation was launched to teach children life lessons such as self discipline, goal setting, respect, organizational skills, commitment, sportsmanship and healthy living…all of which are focused on developing strong, well balanced and healthy young adults.

Its mission is to:
1. Create and support community based swim programs that guide children towards healthy lifestyles through exercise and competition
2. Provide financial assistance to talented but disadvantaged children to be able to participate in swimming programs across the spectrum
3. Supply expertise and support to organizations seeking to promote children’s competitive swimming

The work of this organization is changing lives.


Over the past three decades Shawn has been affiliated with the St. Sebastian Swim Team as a volunteer coach and program director. She has shared with 8,000 swimmers the value of this program as it relates to teaching life lessons such as self discipline, goal setting, respect, commitment, sportsmanship and healthy living…all of which are focused on developing strong, well balanced and healthy young adults.

Swim Strong was developed as a result of this work.


Building the Networks and Partnerships
Outreach to various programs along the swimming continuum to educate them to the mission of the foundation and ask them to partner with us. (ie. community based programs like the Catholic Youth Organization, Boys and Girls Clubs, Middle school/high school PSAL programs; YMCA programs, Catholic High Schools; to collegiate and USA swimming programs.)

Funding the Grants
To develop the funding and the process whereby we can help needy children access these programs

Healthy Kids, Mind and Body
What are the health related benefits to swimming? How do we put children on the path to healthy choices/healthy outcomes? What programs can we develop around these concepts? What are the stories of swimmers overcoming adversity because they learned these life lessons?

Increasing Diversity
How do we get children participating in swimming that might not have otherwise been exposed to it? What communication campaign needs to be created to generate interest? How do we target which neighborhoods to bring it to? We know that traditionally swimming (like tennis and golf) has been a white sport. Collaborate with the folks who have developed similar programs for tennis and golf. It’s not just racially…it’s also culturally. There are families coming to NYC from all over the world. These types of swimming programs provide a safe haven for learning and acculturation.

Building the Pools
We must first understand what we actually have as active pools and the usage. Then determine the neighborhoods that have the need. Probably every program would say they need more pool time and space. Is there a way to determine usage? If some pools are underutilized, how do you get out the word to other programs who would be interested in taking time there?

Coaching the Coaches
How do we help new programs build the infrastructure to develop successful programs? Could we develop “Infrastructure in a Box” Kits that have templates for finances, administration, drills, pool management, etc? Develop coaching modules to deepen skills ; develop drill modules?

Educational Outreach
How to manage safely through riptides; thereby lowering the number of drownings on our beaches each year due to this common occurance.


Save Children's Lives: Did you know that the rates of death by drowning in the African American community, country wide, is 3 times higher than any other demographic? Also, communities like NYC and LA and Miami attract "First Comers", many of whom do not swim because of cultural issues. TEACH them to Swim!

Change Children' lives: The rate of childhood obesity has increased, with a disproportionate rate in the African American and Hispanic/Mexican demographics. Obesity is a major contributor to insulin resistance syndrome and a precursor to type 2 diabetes and risk for cardio vascular events. TEACH children and their families the value of good nutrition and exercise as a Life Skill.

Unleash Children's Potential:
Because a child becomes a competent swimmer, if not a competitive one, it opens so many new doors into other water sports which could lead to scholarships and certainly leads to fabulous life experiences. It is through the learning of these sports and how to participate on a team that leadership skills develop and
this contributes to the development of strong, well balanced, healthy young adults who are fully contributing to their communities.


Expand the outreach and education about the Foundation and gain more partners, not only in NY but in other states.

Expand our clinic offerings to include a Summer Swim Program; Water Polo Clinic; Surfing Clinic, Springboard Diving Clinic and others still in discussion.

Raise funds to support the clinics


Shawn Slevin, Chairwoman of Swim Strong Foundation, is a resident of New York City. She is the President of P3 HRConsulting, a human resources management consulting firm helping small to midsized companies leverage their human capital. As a child, Shawn swam for the St. Sebastian Swim Team, a community based program under the Catholic Youth Organization. As a volunteer, she has been coaching and directing this program for the past 35 years and has personally coached over 8,000 swimmers, several who have gone on to obtain college scholarships. She is a youth advocate and volunteers significant time helping children realize their potential through competitive swimming.


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3017 89TH ST
EAST ELMHURST, NY 11369-1416
Phone: (646) 269-7897
EIN: 37-1526132

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