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Self Employed Women's Association


Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is a member based organisation of poor self employed women workers. It has a membership base of 7,96,548 women workers in 7 states of India. These women work in the informal sector of the economy and do not have a fixed employer-employee relationship. All activities at SEWA are planned and implemented with an integrated approach, which is based on the joint strategy of struggle and development of labour and cooperatives.


The two goals are to organize women for full employment - employment whereby workers obtain work, income, food, and social security (health care, child care and shelter) and self reliance - that women should be self reliant, individually and collectively, both economically and in terms of decision making ability.


SEWA is a confluence of three movements – labour movement, co-operative movement, and women’s movement. SEWA is a trade union; and it is a network of Self Help Groups (SHGs), cooperatives, federations, associations, charity trusts and even corporates! There are 85 Co-operatives, 6000 plus Self Help Groups (SHG’S), 11 District level Association and Federations working under SEWA.

The organisation of SEWA can be divided into two main parts : Mission Units; Support Units. The (i) Urban Union, (ii) Rural & Economic Development Division, (iii) SEWA Academy, (iv) Social Security Net and (v) Federation are all mission units. The Support Units of SEWA comparise of (i) Admin. (ii) SETSU and (iii) Accounts. The main activities of SEWA are: Organising the informal Sector; Capacity Building; Livelihood security activities; Artisan Support Programme; Weavers Support Programme; Salt Farming; Poultry Farming; Gum Collection; Masonry Training; Dairy & Animal Husbandry Activities

Support Activities: Health Care; Child Care; Savings, Credit and Insurance; Housing Support ; Eco-regeneration Activities; Nursery Raising; Forestry Campaign; Water Campaign; Watershed Activities; Fodder Security; Marketing; Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Achievement in creation of sustainable livelihood through employment and providing of socio-economic security for present as well as future are the real litmus tests of SEWA’s achievements. SEWA began her programs in urban area of Ahmedabad city. Today, most of her programs are in rural areas of 7 states of India. In Gujarat, SEWA works in 14 districts. In these regions, SEWA has organized 800,000 poor women. Activities have also increased and expanded. SEWA started with struggle. Today, she empowers women in running campaigns and micro enterprises. These women also manage local self governments and community development projects.


SEWA Reception Centre
Opp. Lok Manya Tilak Baug, Bhadra
Ahmedabad, - 380001
Phone: (+91) 79-26575129
A project of UU Holdeen India Programme (EIN: 04-2103733)

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