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Since 1997, Roots of Peace has implemented humanitarian “demine-replant-rebuild" programs targeting smallholder farmers in rural communities emerging from prolonged conflict in the countries of Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Croatia, and Iraq. Our programs are both community-based and national in scale and seek to promote entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency in food production, processing and marketing to lift rural farmers out of poverty.


To rid the world of landmines by transforming minefields into thriving farmland – literally turning "Mines into Vines" and restoring the promise of hope and prosperity to afflicted communities throughout the world.


Roots of Peace’s unique “demine-replant-rebuild" program model is oriented around the smallest stakeholders and promotes business and market-oriented agribusinesses development in post-conflict countries to bring economic opportunity and prosperity to all participants in the producer-to-market value chain. We focus on the introduction and development of high market value crops to open new domestic and export markets and drive up smallholder farmer incomes.

The Roots of Peace Penny Campaign mobilizes youth to raise awareness about the global landmine issue and collect “pennies for peace" to help kids in war-torn countries have safe schools and soccer fields. Through the game of soccer, we help young and old strive to build on the peace initiative and strengthen communities through mutual human values such as sportsmanship, fair play and teamwork.


Our programs save lives and restores dignity by moving farmers from dependence to self-sufficiency. Our “Mines-to-Vines" initiative in Afghanistan has demined vital grape growing areas and revitalized the fresh and dried fruit and nut industries across Afghanistan. We have since worked with over 160,000 Afghan grape and nut farmers, processors and traders to implement market-driven interventions at each point along the value chain. At the onset of our program, fresh and dried fruit annual exports were only 50MT. After the second year of program implementation, annual exports had increased to 94,880MT, allowing farmers to more than double their incomes.


Afghanistan, Angola, Croatia, Cambodia, Iraq


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Demine & Replant

One grape vine

Your donation will restore hope to farmers living in a post-conflict war zone. By clearing the enough land of landmines and planting one grape vine, your gift will help restore the livelihood and the dignity of self-sufficiency to a farmer. Your contribution will be part of Roots of Peace’s broader “mines to vines" program that helps thousands of rural farmers realize higher levels of income...