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RESCUE is a registered non-profit volunteer based animal rescue organization located in Maricopa County. RESCUE has no central facility and is volunteer run. Our focus is euthanasia list (kill list) rescue from our county shelters. We were founded in 1995, and with the support of our volunteers and our community, we have found homes for over 9,000 dogs and cats. Our motto is for every animal adopted, we are back to rescue another. Maricopa County has one of the highest euthanasia rates per capital in the country, so we have much work to do on behalf of these animals. We depend on the community for our support and offer a variety of satisfying ways for you to get involved in our mission to end euthanasia.


Our vision is to elevate the status of animals in society through facilitating a culture change in how people acquire animals and how they commit to those animals they choose to make a part of their family.


Located in Phoenix, AZ, RESCUE is the last voice for dogs and cats who, through no fault of their own, find themselves awaiting death at our county pounds. Since 1995, we have operated with the philosophy that for every animal we place we will be back to rescue another facing an untimely death. To date, we have fulfilled that promise over 9,000 times.


We provide the public with a unique service: we match pets with their new people! At RESCUE we endeavor to learn everything we can about the animals in our care. We then combine that with the information you’ve shared with us about you, your family, and your ideal pet to match you with RESCUE animals that will make a wonderful permanent addition to your family. We will address all of your concerns about adopting a new pet and we will also help you make sure all the important questions are considered in an attempt to match you with an animal that will be the best suited for you and your lifestyle. We will do everything in our power to set you and your new pet up for success. This necessitates a detailed understanding of your ideal pet, your lifestyle, and your needs and expectations.


We have placed over 9,000 dogs and cats in our history.

We have a cumulative return rate of 8% since 1995.

We have over 200 ACTIVE volunteers.

More than 40% of our volunteers have been volunteering with RESCUE for over 3 years and many over 5 years.


This year we would like to add a fundraiser to our calendar that will help raise an additional $15,000.

We would like to find a safe location that we can provide our cats with additional exposure to potential adopters.

To grow our volunteer base by 10%.


Jennifer Klein has been involved with RESCUE for 8 years. She has successfully implemented many of the programs RESCUE has today and with the help of several key volunteers, the organization is thriving and looking forward to the future.


Jennifer Klein
Lisa Thomas
Debi Mykitiak
Jill Woodhull


United States




4747 E ELLIOT RD 29-415
PHOENLX, AZ 85044-1627
Phone: (480) 598-9410
EIN: 86-0780621

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Feed A Dog

Food for one month

This gift will help provide food for an orphaned dog for one month. With hundreds of dogs to feed each year these costs add up very quickly. Additionally, some of the dogs we rescue are skin and bones and require a special diet to help fill them out and get them back to a healthy adoptable weight!


House A Cat

Board for one cat

Our volunteers care for the cats needs twice a day, every day, 365 days a year. Unfortunately their fantastic care is not enough as we have to pay for rent of our facility. Your gift will help pay for boarding one orphaned cat for an entire month.