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Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO) is a local affiliate of a national nonprofit organization – Rebuilding Together – which has restored and revitalized more than 100,000 homes over the past 19 years. A program of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC), we work to restore houses of low-income homeowners in five target neighborhoods in Orleans parish. With all work done at no cost to the homeowner and utilizing predominantly volunteer labor, Rebuilding Together allows low-income families in communities across the country to live in warmth, safety, and dignity.


RTNO believes that by reinvesting in and restoring the existing housing stock of the city, we can bring homeowners displaced by Hurricane Katrina back to their former homes, retrofit older homes with Universal Design and energy efficient principles and provide a model for restoring and preserving New Orleans’ historic homes. Families that return to their homes in New Orleans – rather than live in exile or in a trailer – sustain a constant, stable, healthy living environment while building their equity and regaining financial independence.


Rebuilding Together is one of 240 affiliates nationwide, and in New Orleans it has been operating under the auspices of the Preservation Resource Center since 1988. Revitalizing homes in a disaster zone coincides with the program’s area of expertise – rebuilding and repairing homes – and we are proud to bring our decades of experience to bear for the people in the Gulf.


Using predominantly volunteer labor, we restore the homes of low-income elderly and disabled homeowners in Orleans Parish.


Before Hurricane Katrina struck in August 2005, Rebuilding Together New Orleans had completed 927 houses, 7 schools, 6 community centers, 1 courthouse and 2 transitional houses.

Since Katrina, we have completed almost 100 houses and currently have 30 additional houses in progress. We have had 4,365 volunteers donate almost 140,000 hours of labor (with a market value of $2.4 million).


By leveraging volunteer labor and donated goods, Rebuilding Together can complete a home renovation for $40,000 – a fraction of the cost of new construction, but still a daunting task for the organization in light of the estimated 130,000 damaged properties in Orleans Parish.

We are currently in the process of building our capacity to attempt to meet the immense demand of homeowners left without the resources to rebuild their homes in the wake of Katrina's damage. Currently we can complete 50 houses per year. Our goal is to complete a minimum of 100 homes per year. We will reach this goal by increasing staff, developing corporate and individual sponsorships both local and nationwide, and by continuing to work closely with each targeted neighborhood to select candidates for our program.


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NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130-3819
Phone: (504) 581-7032
EIN: 72-0760857

A Gift Card


Buy Supplies

Construction Supplies

This gift will provide RTNO with all the small construction supplies including caulk, dust masks, tape measures, rags, first aid kits, paint tray liners, mineral spirits, painters' plastic and paper, painters' tape, utility knives and trash bags. These are supplies we use on the majority our houses and prepares our volunteer teams to meet any challenge the build may present.


Buy A Toilet

Toilet installation

This gift will provide one American Disabilities Act certified toilet for one of our low-income elderly or disabled homeowners, as well as a licensed and insured plumber to properly install it.


Install Cabinets

Cabinet replacement

This gift will provide funding for cabinets that must be replaced in all of the houses we rebuild, to be installed by groups of volunteers. Using principles of Universal Design, we ensure the kitchens and bathrooms of our homeowners' houses are safe, comfortable and easy to use regardless of age or ability so they can enjoy their homes for years to come.


Supply Brushes

10 paint brushes

This gift would supply our volunteer teams with 10 paint brushes or 30 roller covers to prime and paint the interior and exterior of a house.


Paint A House

Exterior Primer/Paint

This gift will provide 5 gallons of low VOC paint for the exterior of a home. It takes on average 28-30 gallons of paint or primer to restore the entire exterior of a house, this gift will help sponsor of the overall cost to make a house a home again.


Hire An Electrician

One hour and materials

This gift will provide funds to hire a professional, licensed and insured electrician for one hour and provide him/her with materials to complete repairs on one of our houses ensuring our homeowners can live in safety, warmth and dignity.


Hire A Plumber

One hour and materials

This gift provides money for a professional, licensed and insured plumber to work for one hour on a house, and includes materials they use such as pipes, fittings and trim out.


Repair A Fence

Materials for repair

This gift will provide lumber to repair one fence to ensure their home is safe, secure and an icon of rebuilding in the community.


Build Steps

One set of steps

This gift will provide lumber and materials for our volunteers to repair a set of steps and railings for our homeowners. By ensuring every piece of their home is safe, families can move back to their neighborhoods and communities, confident every step they take is a secure one.


Install A Sink

One kitchen sink

Through your donation a kitchen sink will be installed by a professional and one homeowner will be one step closer to having a complete home again.


Lay New Floors

25 sqft of flooring

A gift of $25 purchases 25sq ft of sustainable bamboo hardwood flooring for an elderly or disabled low-income homeowner in Orleans Parish. The flooring materials will be installed by volunteers from around the country dedicating their time to help rebuild the homes of this vulnerable population in New Orleans.