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The Radiation and Public Health Project (RPHP) is a New York-based group that studies cancer risks of nuclear reactors and weapons.

RPHP has proven that when nuclear plants close, local rates of childhood cancer plummet immediately after shutdown.

About 200 million Americans live within 100 miles of a nuclear reactor, and 150 million Americans were exposed to fallout from above-ground atomic bomb tests.

Nuclear power creates over 100 radioactive chemicals, including Strontium-90. Each causes cancer and is especially harmful to children.


The RPHP mission is to conduct research and education on cancer risks of nuclear reactors and weapons. RPHP wants to reduce radiation exposure to Americans and ensure more people, especially our children, will NEVER develop cancer.


RPHP was founded in 1985 by Drs. Jay Gould and Ernest Sternglass to study the cancer risk of the many nuclear reactors in the U.S.


RPHP's famous “TOOTH FAIRY PROJECT” has measured Strontium-90 in 5,000 baby teeth near U.S. nuclear plants. The project remains the only study of in-body radiation of Americans near nuclear reactors.

RPHP has discovered that when nuclear reactors shut down, local rates of childhood cancer immediately drop.

We have been covered by the New York Times, USA Today, CNN, Fox News, and NPR

For years, RPHP has engaged the help of celebrities Christie Brinkley and Alec Baldwin.

Ms. Brinkley, who serves as a member of the RPHP Board of Directors, says: “What is the cost to our children? I want a safer future for our children.”

Mr. Baldwin, who is responsible for helping collect the majority of the 5,000 baby teeth in the Tooth Fairy Project says: “I am concerned that high cancer rates may be influenced by radioactive emissions from nuclear power plants. It is only through public education, supported by solid scientific research, that we will be able to create a safe environment and healthy future for our children.”


RPHP has proven there is a link between cancer and releases from nuclear reactors. We have also showed that when nuclear plants close, cancer rates in local children decline drastically and immediately.


Continue research through the Tooth Fairy Project

Educate the American public on cancer risks of nuclear reactors


Joseph J. Mangano is a health researcher. As RPHP Executive Director, he has

• published 23 medical journal articles
• written 3 books
• published 33 newspaper editorials
• testified to 17 government panels
• held 25 press conferences

Mr. Mangano is directing the research on the Tooth Fairy Project.

Mr. Mangano received his MPH degree from the University of North Carolina, and his MBA degree from Fordham University.


Robert Alvarez
Christie Brinkley
David Friedson
Jane Gould MA
Karl Grossman PhD
Judith Johnsrud PhD
Joseph Mangano MPH MBA
William McDonnell MA
Ernest Sternglass PhD

RPHP Advisers include:
Alec Baldwin
Samuel Epstein MD
Donald Louria MD
Agnes Reynolds RN
Susanne Saltzman MD
Janette Sherman MD


United States


New York


Unionville, NY 10988-0060
Phone: (609) 399-4343
EIN: 13-3781719

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Fund cancer studies

One hour of research

The gift will provide support for expert researchers to spend the time assembling data and creating reports and articles on cancer near nuclear reactors. It will also go towards educating the public on the problem, through press conferences, web site postings, TV/radio stories, and newspaper op-eds.


Adopt this Charity

Support RPHP this year

This gift will provide support for the daily activities of RPHP, both in research and outreach. It is important to study in-body radiation, and spread the word about the dangers of radioactive toxins and their affects on our children.


Cancer and nukes

Learn reactor risks

Your gift allows 1,000 more people to learn about RPHP work on cancer risk (especially to kids) from radiation exposure, through press conferences, journal articles, TV/radio stories, and newspaper editorials.


Test Baby Teeth

1 tooth tested in lab

RPHP sends baby teeth to a special laboratory. This is an easy way to discover how much radiation from nuclear reactors has entered human bodies. Your gift will cover lab costs to test 10 baby teeth.