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Public Radio Capital (PRC) is the industry's leading advisor in planning, acquiring and financing new public radio channels. As the only nonprofit dedicated to helping public radio broadcasters compete for acquistion opportunities, PRC assists public radio organizations with business and financial planning, strategic analysis, station appraisals, market analysis, and brokerage services. Founded in 2001, PRC has secured public radio services in nearly 30 markets for over 22 million people nationwide.


PRC works to expand locally-owned public radio services in communities nationwide, so that people have greater choices for quality, in-depth information, unbiased news analysis and cultural programming, including increased opportunities for local voices. PRC believes that supporting public radio’s role as a forum for public discussion strengthens democratic values.


Through its mission to broaden the reach of public radio, PRC provides many programs and services. PRC’s More Channels, More Service project helps public broadcasters prepare their acquisition and/or growth strategies. From the first round in 2004 to the third in 2006, MCMS has assisted 32 public broadcasters in increasing public service to listeners, exploring new programs and formats, and increasing listener support, business underwriting, and revenue sources. Also, under an exclusive contract awarded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), PRC is conducting CPB’s Station Renewal Project, a special program designed to help strengthen 10 specially selected stations through operational “makeovers." Most recently, PRC announced the launch of the Public Radio Fund, a new and unique mission-oriented investment opportunity. Through it, which investors may participate in financing the creation of new public radio stations and services in communities nationwide. The first of its kind, the Public Radio Fund, helps non-profit broadcasters access low-interest capital to finance the acquisition of new public radio stations and program services. In all, PRC facilitates the flow of capital into public radio; helps stations direct their future growth, and addresses situations where stations are at risk of being sold to commercial or non-public buyers.


At a time when the consolidation of noncommercial and commercial broadcasting networks has made it extremely difficult for public radio entities to compete for the finite number of available radio stations, PRC has completed more than $100 million in transactions. Among them, PRC has accomplished geographical expansions into new markets, providing new audiences, new donor bases, increased public service, enhanced financial positioning, and local service opportunities. PRC has also secured public radio stations which otherwise might have been sold on the open market.


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Keep Classical Music

Public broadcasting

Your gift will be used to help PRC represent public radio broadcasters interested in keeping classical music programming on the air. PRC has already helped the communities of Portland, OR and Cincinnati, OH preserve their classical music stations. Your $100 funds a conference presentation with funders who could support expansion of classical music on the radio.


Expand Public Radio

Station support

Your gift will be used to help PRC represent public radio broadcasters interested in purchasing additional stations, and community groups interested in acquiring their first station. To this end, PRC identifies acquisition options, helps the public broadcasting buyer assess the value of the station to be purchased, and handles all of the confidential negotiations with the seller of the station. Your $75 funds a phone...


Ensure Unbiased News

Support public radio

Your gift will be used so that people have greater program choices for in-depth information and unbiased news. Research shows that as additional public radio stations are introduced to a community, more people will listen to public radio in that market. By helping public radio organizations thrive and expand their services, PRC is subsequently increasing the number of people nationwide who have access to valuable...


Support Local Media

Strong and independent

Your gift will be used to support broad-based efforts to make sure that locally owned independent media remains strong in the United States. Whether your gift is used towards working to save a favorite public radio program in a local community or used to assist a station starting up a new youth-oriented public radio service - your gift will allow citizens of the United States...