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Population Action International (PAI) works to ensure adequate financial resources and sound policies in support of expanding access to sexual and reproductive health services on behalf of women and families around the world. The message that PAI delivers remains constant: improving access to family planning and reproductive health services improves lives and lessens the human impact on the environment that sustains us all.


Population Action International works to ensure that every person has the right and access to sexual and reproductive health, so that humanity and the natural environment can exist in balance and fewer people live in poverty.


PAI fosters the development of U.S. and international policy on urgent population and reproductive health issues through an integrated program of research, advocacy, and communications. PAI has identified the following long-term goals to guide its activities:

Full political and financial support for sexual and reproductive health policies and programs that improve the health and status of women and girls.

Strong national sexual and reproductive health policies and funding through the full realization of international agreements such as the ICPD Programme of Action and the Millennium Development Goals.

Completing the demographic transition worldwide through rights-based sexual and reproductive health policies and programs that contribute to the well-being of women, their families and the natural environment.


Modest investments in international family planning have paid tremendous dividends since PAI was founded in 1965 – mothers and newborns are healthier, girls are staying in school longer, more couples are able to prevent unwanted pregnancy, abortion and sexually transmitted disease. As a result, the quality of life for millions of women and their families has improved remarkably in a relatively short span of time. PAI has always been – and continues to be - vital to this success.


I. To mobilize political and financial support for family planning programs which promotes sexual and reproductive health and rights.
II. To highlight population as one of the critical factors in reducing poverty and achieving balance between humanity and the natural environment.
III. To convene and enhance the ability of coalitions, partnerships and in-country civil society organizations to leverage advocacy skills and activities on a range of population, family planning, and sexual and reproductive health and rights issues.


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Briefing for Congress

For $50, you can support PAI in briefing a Member of Congress, and other policymakers worldwide, about how investing in family planning and reproductive health programs saves millions of lives, while slowing the spread of HIV/AIDS, reducing poverty, easing the likelihood of civil conflict in the developing world, and protecting our natural resources.


Tell the Story

Films that save lives

For $500, you can be a "producer" for the upcoming PAI documentary film, focusing on the impact of U.S. HIV/AIDS prevention policies and programs in Kenya and Uganda. This film will show how the U.S. and others can improve policies, and make even bigger strides in the fight against the disease.


Protect Resources

Environmental outreach

For $200, you can support PAI's work to help policymakers, the media and others understand how family planning and reproductive health programs are essential to conservation efforts worldwide.


Advocate Globally

Grants and training

For $100, you can support PAI's advocacy grants program. This program provides small but powerful seed grants and training opportunities to organizations in developing countries, building their advocacy capacity so that they can effectively fight for strong family planning and reproductive health policies in their countries, as well as at the regional and international levels.



Advocacy support

For $150, you can help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS by supporting PAI's advocacy work on behalf of comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention efforts that address the full range of needs in developing countries. It is only through sound policies and adequate funding that the global community can win the battle against the disease.


Stock Clinics

Medical supplies

For $25, you can help PAI ensure that when women and families in developing countries visit reproductive health clinics for treatment and care, the shelves are fully stocked with the medical and contraceptive supplies needed to deliver healthy babies, keep mothers alive and safe from harm, plan pregnancies and protect families from HIV/AIDS.