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Planet Cancer is an irreverent, dynamic community of peer support for young adults with cancer in their 20s and 30s. We connect young adults with each other and advocate for them in the medical community, in order that their unique issues and needs will be recognized and addressed.


Driving dialogue, young adults treated with own medical discipline, at the time a young adults is diagnosed with cancer, they have immediate access to support.


Planet Cancer works on behalf of young adults through three main program areas:

Online support: The Planet Cancer website provides a fresh and irreverent voice for young adults with cancer, offering entertainment and a young adult information clearinghouse, as well as a thriving online community of peer support comprised of young adults from all over the world.

Face to face support: Our weekend retreat programs brings together young adults for recreation and personal exploration, helping them forge connections that will sustain them as they move on with their lives, in or out of treatment. We offer programs for 18- to 25-year-olds, 25- to 40-year-olds and, in 2007, will pilot the country’s first young couples retreat.

Advocacy and awareness: We raise awareness from the doctor's office to the National Cancer Institute about the unique needs and issues of young adults. Planet Cancer is also a founding member and leader of the LiveSTRONG Young Adult Alliance, a national coalition of organizations dedicated to improving quality of life and survival rates for young adults with cancer.


We have served hundreds of kids through retreats and average 5000 unique visitors per month to our website. Additionally, we have eached doctors, nurses, and social workers.


United States


314 E. Highland Mall Blvd.

Ste. 360-17

Austin, TX 78752

Phone: (512) 452-9010

EIN: 74-2943419

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Help Young Patients

Travel to a retreat

Provide travel scholarships to send a young adult to a retreat or camp, where they will meet other young adults from around the country who face the same issues and concerns. They leave sustained by the new relationships they develop, and empowered by the feeling of being part of a young adult community and movement larger than themselves.


Host Group Support

One group session

Your gift will help us find and bring together young adults to provide each other with critical peer support, independent of their hospital, oncology practice or individual diagnosis. In a safe environment, they will be able to share experiences, thoughts and fears, and make connections to sustain them and help them move on with their lives, in or out of treatment.


Help Young Adults

One day online

Your contribution will allow us to help young adult patients make vital peer connections by ensuring that another young adult survivor will respond to the questions and fears posted daily on the PC website. By welcoming these patients to a community of young adults, our shared experience can empower them as they navigate this difficult new world.