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Physicians for Human Rights


PHR envisions a world in which all people enjoy health and well-being. The principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are a means of achieving that vision. Their guarantees of political freedom, protection from harms like torture, and affirmative requirements for ensuring the highest standard of health for everyone are all essential.

PHR is a membership organization of health professionals and others dedicated to advancing health, dignity and justice.


PHR mobilizes health professionals to advance the health and dignity of all people through action that promotes respect for, protection of, and fulfillment of human rights.

In 1997, PHR shared the Nobel Price for Peace as part of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines Steering Committee.


PHR's vision of a world in which all people are afforded health, dignity, and justice has yet to be realized. PHR uses a unique human rights framework to document abuses that impair health and to amplify the voices of health professionals and concerned citizens to end them. This is the strength of our campaign to address the global AIDS pandemic, our efforts to stop torture by U.S. forces, and our work for an effective response to the assault on survival in Darfur, Sudan. PHR’s programs also address the challenges of our nation’s juvenile justice system, empower young leaders in Africa to demand adequate resources for health, and help survivors of torture gain safe haven in the United States. At the same time, PHR is inspiring the next generation of health professionals – students – to make human rights a cornerstone of their health practices and careers.


PHR has served as a driving force in a coalition to demand accountability for the torture detainees in the custody of U.S. military forces.

PHR’s early investigations generated greater awareness of the crisis in Darfur, Sudan and supported a strong international response to the ongoing genocide.

PHR’s AIDS campaign has helped direct millions of dollars in public and private aid to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS in Africa.

PHR’s asylum program mobilizes physicians and psychologists who provide medical evidence for victims of persecution and torture who seek safe haven in the U.S.

Countries of Operation

United States, Botswana, Swaziland, Sudan, Mexico, El Salvador, Uganda, Kenya, Afghanistan


2 Arrow Street
Suite 301
Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: (617) 301-4211
EIN: 22-2488437

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