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One billion people have directly experienced terrorism or mass violence. The victims are often left with lifelong mental disabilities preventing them from leading productive lives. Untreated, traumatic depression extends into the next generation. Hospitals and healthcare facilities themselves become targets of destruction. The solution is to create a sustainable, culturally effective mental healthcare system. The Peter C. Alderman Foundation (PCAF) returns 80% of victims to productive lives, by providing expert professional training to indigenous caregivers.


To alleviate the suffering of victims of terrorism and mass violence in post-conflict countries by providing physicians and other indigenous caregivers with the tools to treat mental anguish using Western medical therapies combined with local healing traditions.


The Master Class provides local caregivers in post-conflict countries the tools to treat the emotional wounds of mass violence. The Master Class series has trained 35 professionals from 13 countries. These professionals return to their countries to train more caregivers.

The Cambodia Clinic was established in 2005. In its first year, the Clinic had 4,000 patient visits. The Cambodian government supplies the physical space and drugs. The Buddhist monastery sees patients for spiritual healing. The Clinic is a model for global replication. In partnership with an indigenous NGO, led by a foundation master, PCAF established a mental health clinic in Kigali, Rwanda. Three Clinics will open in Uganda, the first in late 2006, with two additional clinics to open in 2007 and 2008.

The Foundation is building an internationally respected peer group of mental health professionals, currently consisting of 225 members in 13 countries, to influence government policy makers, to exert the political will and apply the economic resources to heal their traumatized populations.


50,000 victims have been treated by PCAF trained personnel. The cure rate for traumatic depression is 80%. In Cambodia, it costs $50 to return a victim to normal function. By the end of 2006, there will be over 300 trained professionals throughout the world. In concert with its partner, HPRT, PCAF has steadily built institutional capacity in numerous post-conflict countries. The most recent examples are: Ugandans are being treated by Ugandans, Cambodians by Cambodians, and Rwandans by Rwandans. No longer will they have to rely on outsiders to treat their traumatized populations.


Cambodia, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of, Peru, Rwanda, Spain, Uganda


P.O. Box 278
Bedford, NY 10506-0278
Phone: (914) 764-1804
EIN: 16-1654102

A Gift Card


Support A Clinic

3 months of treatment

Your gift will allow the clinic in Tororo, Uganda, to function for up to 3 months. The Tororo Mental Health Clinic delivers psychiatric and family counseling services to a significant portion of victims of terrorism and mass violence


Support Clinics

4 months of treatment

Your gift will allow both the Siem Reap and Soutr Nikum Clinics to operate for four months. Together they serve a population of approximately 250,000 people and have 6,000 patients visits per year.


Train A Doctor

One master class

Your donation will finance the training of one doctor who will return to his/her country and treat his traumatized countrymen, who will train others to do the same and who will influence healh care policy.


Keep Patients Dry

One roof for a clinic

Your donation will allow the Cambodian Clinic to function at full capacity all year round by providing a new roof. The same number of patients can be seen during the rainy season as during the dry season.


Treat A Family

Psychiatric treatment

Both individual psychotherapy and group family counseling are important to returning a family to normal function, a state that will allow them to persue full and rich lives. Your gift will allow us to provide psychiatric treatment to a three-member family in Cambodia.


Shelter Therapy

A tree for Thomas

Your gift will provide an alternate, private, pleasant space where Dr. Thomas can counsel and treat his troubled patients and their families.


Equip A Clinic

Computer equipment

Each clinic needs computers and computer programs that will enable the clinic to function more efficiently: to record patient records, to coordinate appropriate medications, to list patient status and to register outcome data.


Train Health Workers

Master class for 10

When graduates of the Peter C. Alderman Master Class return to their home countries, they are responsible for training a minimum of 10 healthcare professionals, who in turn will train others. $100 dollars will support one monthly meeting of the International Society Chapter. These funds will cover the cost of bringing at least 10 caregivers to and from the meeting from rural areas throughout the...


Heal A Victim

Psychiatric treatment

In Cambodia, $50 allows a person to receive a full course of treatment to heal the emotional wounds caused by terrorism and mass violence. This treatment enables the victims to return to purposeful lives and improves the social, political and economic welfare of their communities.


Treat Refugees

Fund a psychiatric team

Weekly visits by a psychiatric team to a displaced persons camp can help approximately 30 patients per visit. Your gift will help alleviate the mental anguish of some of these desperate people.