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The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) is an organization of independent sanctuaries across Africa dedicated to saving gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and other endangered primates from extinction. PASA works to coordinate activities between primate rescue and rehabilitation centers, and globally to stop illegal trafficking in these endangered species. PASA member sanctuaries currently care for over 850 chimpanzees and 90 gorillas, in addition to almost 3,000 other endangered primates, at 18 facilities in 12 countries.


The Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) works to support the conservation and care of African primates through its unique alliance of African sanctuaries.
PASA is an alliance of independent sanctuaries across Africa dedicated to saving gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and other primates from extinction. Individually, sanctuaries rescue, rehabilitate and reintroduce endangered primates, while working in partnership with local communities to ensure the understanding essential to a safe future. Collectively, PASA works to coordinate activities between primate rescue and rehabilitation centers across Africa, and globally to stop illegal trafficking in these endangered species.


PASA member sanctuaries were created over the past three decades to accommodate the staggering numbers of orphaned gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos who have survived the bushmeat slaughter and habitat devastation. Today, PASA members and affiliated sanctuaries literally span the continent of Africa, working under difficult conditions in remote areas with limited supplies, forging governmental agreements, developing new veterinary knowledge and innovative educational strategies.


PASA conducts international advocacy to stop trafficking and cross-border negotiations to protect and place confiscated animals; builds sanctuary capacity through professional development of managers, veterinarians and educators; leverages veterinary equipment and medicine for member sanctuaries; contributes resources for education programs; raises public awareness through lectures and media outreach; and provides crisis support to member sanctuaries.


PASA has made important strides in raising awareness of illegal trafficking in chimpanzees, gorillas and other endangered primates, and has become the prime coordinator of transfers of confiscated primates involving multiple governmental and non-governmental conservation organizations.

PASA's most recent anti-trafficking campaign: producing posters in Arabic for distribution in the Middle East, the prime destination for smuggled apes, focuses on reducing trafficking in Egypt, which has been characterized as a “significant” part of the black market in chimpanzees, gorillas and other primates.

Under PASA's leadership, member sanctuaries have built centers of excellence in veterinary care and public environmental education in addition to sanctuary management, and have won numerous international awards for the quality and effectiveness of their programs.


Doug Cress


PASA is administered by a U.S. Board of Directors, an Executive Director, and the PASA Steering Committee.

PASA U.S. Board of Directors
Beth Armstrong, Florida (President)
Norm Rosen, California
Steve Smith, Oregon
Steve Jusick, New Jersey
Susan Lutter, California
Barrett Prinz, New York

Executive Director
Doug Cress, Oregon

PASA Steering Committee
Norm Rosen, United States (Chairman)
Barbara Cartwright, Canada
Tony Mudakikwa, Rwanda
Debby Cox, Australia
Kay Farmer, United Kingdom
Adebowale Ajao, Nigeria
Estelle Raballand, France
Doug Cress, United States
Liz WIlliamson, United Kingdom
Rebecca Rose, United States
Sylvie Martin, United Kingdom
Steve Unwin, United Kingdom
Lilly Ajarova, Uganda
Zena Tooze, Canada
David Lucas, Australia


Uganda, Zambia, Cameroon, Congo, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Gabon, Gambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, South Africa


PO Box 86645

Portland, OR 97286-0645

Phone: (503) 238-8077

EIN: 22-3878683

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Save Africa's Primates

Your gift of $250 will help supply sanctuary veterinarians with essential equipment and medicines as they work to save the lives of orphan chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos across Africa. Your support will enable PASA to source much-needed diagnostic equipment, surgical materials and pharmaceutical supplies critical both to the survival of rescued individuals and to the ultimate survival of their species.


Kids Save Chimps

Books for Africa

The Story of a Baby Chimpanzee tells the captivating story of a child's role in the successful rescue and rehabilitation of an infant chimpanzee. Your gift will help distribute coloring books to children across Africa, through the conservation education programs of PASA member sanctuaries. This richly-illustrated, 30-page coloring book, published in English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, German and Spanish, was written by PASA educators in Uganda,...


Protect Great Apes

Fund Change Makers

Your gift will enable PASA to continue and expand its unwavering advocacy with governments, law enforcement and international bodies for long-term protection of Africa's chimpanzees, gorillas and other endangered primates. Your support will help increase awareness and enforcement of anti-trafficking laws across Africa and the Middle East, essential to protecting Africa’s endangered primates from extinction.