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Operation USA provides material and financial assistance to grassroots organizations that promote sustainable development, leadership and capacity building, income generating activities, provide education and health services, and advocate on behalf of vulnerable people. Our philosophy is that “privately-funded" means that we do not accept government funding; rather, we rely on the generosity of the American people and on their private institutions to support our mission. Ninety-six cents of every dollar is spent on programming.


Operation USA helps communities alleviate the effects of disasters, disease and endemic poverty throughout the world by providing privately-funded relief, reconstruction and development aid.


Three pillars define our work:
1) International & Domestic Emergency Relief: Operation USA rapidly and expertly provides on-the-ground aid by sending vital life-saving supplies and cash grants to aid recovering communities. Operation USA provides medical supplies, water, purification equipment, shelter materials and trauma counseling teams during the acute emergency phase. As the emergency phase slowly lessens and in response to continuing need, Operation USA makes long-term grants to local organizations to help them build their capacity to meet their communities’ basic needs.
2) Domestic Community Building: Operation USA has been working in the USA with over 200 non-profit community clinics providing them free basic medical supplies and equipment.

3) In-kind donations and shipments: Operation USA makes life-saving supplies available throughout the world to those who cannot afford them. We are expert in facilitating material donations from pharmaceutical, medical supply, nutrition and shelter supply companies to people in need.


For over 27 years, Operation USA has strengthened the communities we serve by providing over $250 million in medical supplies and equipment as well as disaster relief, long term development projects and training in critical skills. In recent years, our microcredit programs have encompassed over 5000 mostly rural women in several countries—lifting them out of poverty and improving the standard of living of their families as their earnings can now pay for basic necessities like food, education and health care.


Richard M. Walden


Cambodia, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Lebanon, Morocco, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, United States


California, Louisiana, Mississippi


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A Gift Card

Basic Needs


Countries and Regions


Light A Home

Electrify one home

Operation USA has already wired a number of homes in Santa Rosa, Nicaragua, but to electrify all 110 homes, we need additional funding. Your gift of $125 will enable Operation USA to pay a local electrician to complete the job, purchase the proper equipment to wire a house from the main line, purchase safe lighting fixtures and a supply of light-bulbs.


Supply A Clinic

Vital medical supplies

Your gift of $750 provides vital medical supplies, including antibiotics, bandages and anti-diarrhea medicine, to clinics in villages in Nicaragua, Cambodia and Vietnam. Operation USA has funded the building of community clinics and with your gift they can remain continually stocked with supplies so that health care workers can provide more effective patient care. Availability of basic medical supplies increases the chance of survival when...


Mobilize A Village

One vehicle

With a gift of $1,000, Operation USA can purchase bicycles, a moped, or a donkey with a saddle that will enable a community leader and/or service provider to reach villagers living far from the village center and provide services to a wider population. Often, grassroots organizations can raise money for services, yet rarely do they receive funding for transportation needs. Operation USA believes that in...


Counsel Teen Girls

Post-trauma counseling

To address rising mental health issues, Operation USA has partnered with local clinics, schools and social workers in New Orleans to provide counseling to adolescent girls affected by Hurricane Katrina and other traumatic events. Your gift of $325 helps provide 30 young girls with therapeutic sessions specifically designed to help them cope with stress, reduce traumatic and grief reactions and offers a safe environment for...


Educate A Child

One year of school

Give the gift of a future. With your gift of only $18, you can send a child living in Vietnam to school for an entire year. Operation USA partners with local community groups in rural villages in Vietnam to help support children’s education. Education is highly valued in Vietnam, and when a family is given the cost of sending a child to school, it fosters...


Keep the Lights On

One power generator

Purchasing a generator for a community clinic is the perfect gift for someone who understands the need to continue working especially during challenging situations. Operation USA works to diminish the effects of an emergency by supplying the very basic power that a community clinic needs to operate. By purchasing an emergency generator, community clinics are able to continue to operation and serve as a safe...


Provide Nurses

Partial monthly salary

Your gift of $200 will help pay a portion of the average monthly salary for a qualified nurse working in a basic health clinic in a rural community in the developing world. Operation USA was founded on the principle that providing communities with access to adequate healthcare is the foundation of future sustainable development work. Entire communities benefit from a knowledgeable healthcare provider who gives...


Rehabilitate Lives

One prosthetic limb

Providing a physically impaired woman, man or child with the ability to regain movement is a gift with benefits beyond words. There is no cap on human potential and the gift of a prosthetic limb offers people the ability to lead an improved life. With their new limbs, people are able to undertake daily chores that they would otherwise be unable to perform. They can...


Protect Children

One playground

Building playgrounds is a step in the healing process and helps to establish normalcy for children who have lived through a disaster. Your donation will help give children a safe and happy environment where they can meet their friends and be children again. It may be some time before the horror of a disaster becomes a distant memory, but playgrounds can serve as a coping...


Hydrate A Village

10,000 tablets

Giving the gift of clean water is greater than just giving someone a bottle of water. With a gift of $75, Operation USA will provide more than 10,000 water purification tablets to a community that is suffering from a high child mortality rate, a community that has just been struck by a disaster or a hospital that has run-out of pure water to give to...


Support Development

25 chickens & rooster

Giving a loan (often called “microcredit") for families to launch small enterprises has proven to be a successful strategy in earning income. A loan to purchase and raise animals, such as cows, rabbits, sheep, chickens and roosters is the perfect gift for someone who cares deeply about providing opportunity and empowering a family to lift itself out of poverty. Your $50 donation will enable Operation...


Feed Children

14 school meals

Your gift of $5 will provide 14 Basic Needs_Hungermeals to school children. You will be giving the gift of nourishment and making it easier for families to send their children to school. Your donation will enhance children’s capacity to retain knowledge and increase their problem-solving skills. Currently, Operation USA is partnering with Paiyagala Pre-School in Sri Lanka and the village school in Santa Rosa, Nicaragua....