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New York Cares is New York City's leading volunteer organization.

Founded in 1987, New York Cares enables more than 43,000 volunteers each year to serve on flexibly-scheduled, team-based projects serving schools, social service agencies, and other deserving organizations.

New York Cares volunteers tutor children, feed the hungry, assist people living with HIV/AIDS, revitalize gardens, take homeless children on recreational outings, visit the elderly, and do so much more.

In addition to year-round volunteer programs, New York Cares organizes four large scale service events every year: New York Cares Day, the New York Cares Winter Wishes program, Hands On New York Day, and The New York Cares Coat Drive.


New York Cares meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.


Twenty-one years ago, the serious social issues facing New York City had reached critical levels. In 1987, a group of friends got together and said, "There MUST be something we can do to help." When they tried to volunteer their time, they were often told, "Thanks for your interest, but we don't have a volunteer program." Many of the social service agencies which so desperately needed their help simply did not have the resources to bring in and manage volunteers. But the friends weren't deterred, and after continuing to search in vain for a way to make a difference, they set up their own organization - New York Cares.

The model of volunteering they created was so successful that it sparked a national movement. Today, New York Cares is the model for the Hands On Network, a growing network of 100 affiliated volunteer organizations in the United States and around the world that have adopted our unique approach to volunteering.


Every day, hundreds of people find easy ways to make meaningful, rewarding contributions to their communities through New York Cares, New York City's leading volunteer organization. Choices include:

* Calendar Projects - choose from hundreds of flexibly scheduled volunteer projects every month, the ideal choice for individuals.

* Annual Events - the perfect way for individuals and groups to make a difference in just one day.

* Corporate Service - offers a wide variety of ways for companies to engage their employees in volunteerism.


More than 43,000 people volunteer their time through New York Cares every year, while countless others contribute to our holiday gift and coat drives. New York Cares brings vital volunteer support to more than 990 nonprofit agencies, public schools, and other deserving organizations throughout the five boroughs. Together, we are able to help nearly 450,000 disadvantaged New Yorkers.


Gary Bagley was appointed as New York Cares' Executive Director in November 2008.

Mr. Bagley joined New York Cares in 2004 as Senior Director of Programs, leading a staff of 30, and mobilizing 43,000 new volunteers and 700 volunteer team leaders annually. Bagley was responsible for doubling annual volunteer service delivery to its current level, benefiting over 1,000 nonprofit organizations, schools, and government agencies, and serving 450,000 New Yorkers in need citywide. Under his Program leadership, New York Cares significantly expanded its presence across the five boroughs, and has diversified its volunteer base across the city.

Prior to New York Cares, Mr. Bagley was the Program Director for Young Audiences New York where he directed 12,000 arts residency programs serving 20,000 students and 250 New York City schools each year. From 1992 to 2000, he was a teaching artist and then the Director of Education for TADA! Youth Theatre. He has a B.S. in Music Composition and Acting from Ithaca College, and an MPA from Baruch College of The City University of New York, where he is now an Adjunct Lecturer.


Board Officers:
Gail B. Harris, President
Edward Adler, Vice President
Gary L. Ginsberg, Vice President
Jeanne Straus, Vice President
Paul J. Taubman, Vice President
Joyce Frost, Treasurer and Secretary

Board Members:
Kathy Behrens
Rene Brinkley
Bill Cohen
Frances Ferguson
Ken Giddon
Ross H. Goldstein
Richard Gordon
Noah Gotbaum
Steve Lazarus
Robert Levitan
Tom Nides
David Rabin
Michael Schlein
Robert Walsh
Janet Zagorin

Honorary Board Members:
Cheryl Cohen Effron
Sheldon Hirshon, Esq.


United States


New York


214 W 29TH ST FL 5

NEW YORK, NY 10001-5333

Phone: (212) 228-5000

EIN: 13-3444193

A Gift Card


Green Up a Park

Ground cover, plants

Your donation will provide ground cover and plants for one small park in New York City.


Stop Erosion

Netting, stakes, hay

This kit contains items needed to stop erosion at one small park: erosion jute netting, ground staples, hardwood tree stakes, grass seed, and hay.


Paint a Playground

10 gallons of paint

Includes ten gallons of paint and painting supplies to transform an empty playground into a vibrant place for children to play.


Protect a Tree

Mulch for one tree

Trees need mulch to get nutrients and retain moisture. Volunteers will spread mulch so trees can grow to clean the air and provide shade. This kit includes mulch for one tree, a wheelbarrow, a pitchfork, and a shovel.


Wipe Out Graffiti

Paint, rollers kits

This kit contains three gallons of paint, two paint roller kits, and two extension poles so volunteers can put a fresh coat of paint on walls at parks, gardens, and other public spaces.


Situate a Shrub

Shovel, gloves, shrub

Provide all the tools a volunteer needs to plant one shrub: a shovel, a pair of gardening gloves, a shrub, and a trowel.


Give a Hand

25 pairs of gloves

Provide gloves for a team of volunteers to protect them while weeding, planting, mulching, removing debris, and more.


Eradicate Litter

Gloves, stabber, bags

Help one volunteer make a park or garden litter free. Includes a pair of gloves, a stabber, and garbage bags.


American Gothic

1 pitchfork

Give a pitchfork to help volunteers spread mulch, which provides nutrients for plants and trees.


Help Ivy Take Root

1 ivy plant

Ivy provides ground cover, which is crucial to preventing weeds and keeping soil moist.


Plant Delphinium

1 delphinium plant

Delphinium provides vibrant color in parks and gardens, attracting bumblebees and butterflies, which pollinate other plants.