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Students in Washington, DC are at severe risk of academic failure. Data shows that only 1% of 9th grade students will graduate from high school, enroll in college, and graduate within 5 years ( NCFC’s positive link to the Shaw community for over 20 years engages youth through college. Supporting NCFC programs provides a tangible means to ensure that a greater number of youth will succeed – not only do we provide academic program, but we provide college preparatory activities, college scholarships, and ongoing support to youth enrolled in college and trade schools.


New Community for Children empowers children through educational, cultural, and spiritual enrichment. Toward that end, NCFC works with parents, teachers, the community and other social service organizations in Washington DC to address the comprehensive educational needs of children. We prepare students for post-secondary education, careers, and/or vocational training to become responsible adults who, in turn, will give their time and talents back to their communities.


Founded in 1988, NCFC has grown from serving 15 students annually to serving nearly 300 students during the 2007-08 program year.
In 1996, as the original group of students "aged" out of our program we created a Teen Program to continue to provide academic support to students. These students are provided with more hands-on and practical instruction designed to facilitate the transition to independence - high school, college, and employment. NCFC provides students with advanced academic instruction, technology based learning, and college guidance and preparation.

In 1998, NCFC added the ArtSpace component to our program to provide students with the opportunity to engage in building their visual and artistic skills. NCFC's arts program has a ceramics component (we have a fully functional kiln), a photo lab, and traditional visual arts components.


New Community for Children’s (NCFC) program is divided in to three components; ASAP, LEAP, ABLE. Our programs span three sites between the hours of 3:15 – 7:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We currently serve approximately 250 students weekly (elementary 3:15-7:00 pm and Middle/High School (4:00-7:30pm).


NCFC’s recent organizational accomplishments include:
•Expanded to serve 300+ students (up from 50 students just 3 years ago)
•Less than 1% of students were retained in the current grade
•8 students awarded scholarships to private schools/college from New Community Foundation
•43% and 36% of students increased at least .50% GPA in math and language arts, respectively.


Marvin Coote has over 10 years of experience in the nonprofit field and was on the Board of Directors prior to joining New Community for Children (NCFC) as the Executive Director. He has worked for a combination of local and national organizations in Boston and Washington, DC. He previously served as the Program Director for the Coaching for College Program and as the Associate Director for the Kid’s Computer Workshop. As NCFC’s Executive Director, Marvin’s primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, program development, fundraising, organizational management, staff development, and capacity building. Marvin’s commitment to youth and education is evident in his active participation in the after school tutoring program.


Mrs. Grace Dickerson
Hope and a Home

Board Members:
J. Trapier Jervey
Robert C. Fisher
James A. Meisel
Addie Simpson
Gina McLaughlin
Matthew D. Brown
Rev. Jim Dickerson
Robert Stewart
D. Devin Corini


United States


District of Columbia


614 S Street NW
Washington, DC 20001-5130
Phone: (202) 232-0457
EIN: 52-1611821

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