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MAG (Mines Advisory Group) is one of the world's leading humanitarian organizations providing conflict-affected countries with a real chance for a better future. MAG and MAG America work together to clear landmines and other remnants of conflict from some of the world's poorest nations, to educate and employ local people, and to help provide solutions for those trapped by poverty and economic devastation through no fault of their own.


MAG America believes that conflict-affected people have the right to build peaceful and prosperous futures, free from the impact of the remnants of conflict. It is our mission raise awareness and mobilize support for clearance and education programs that enable communities to escape the poverty and suffering caused by conflict.


MAG implements its life-saving solutions in ten conflict-affected countries around the world. Our conflict recovery programs use a variety of methods to remove threat of poverty and economic devastation. We clear landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), and other harmful weapons that pose a danger to the lives and livelihoods of local communities. We provide mine risk education and awareness programs that improve the safety of those most at risk. We train and employ local staff and work in collaboration with national and international partners to respond to a country’s development needs. Most importantly, MAG works closely with affected men, women, and children - finding out what their priorities are and developing a response that best helps them to rebuild their lives after conflict. The success of MAG’s programs isn't measured by the number of dangerous items cleared, but by the positive impact they have on the lives and futures of conflict-affected communities.


Landmines and UXO restrict people's access to education and healthcare facilities, as well as to clean, safe water and land for cultivation. They hinder links between villages and restrict local trade. Other remnants of conflict, such as small arms and light weapons present a constant risk to the life and health of local populations and can threaten the fragile transition from conflict to peace. By removing these obstructions to lasting peace development, MAG creates a safe environment in which people can return to their homes and begin rebuilding their lives after conflict.


Angola, Cambodia, Chad, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Iraq, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Viet Nam


601 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

#900 S Building

Washington, DC 20004

Phone: (202) 250-3914

EIN: 52-2302253

A Gift Card


Destroy Weapons

Remove and destroy 5

Your gift will enable MAG teams to remove and safely destroy five weapons of war. By rendering these dangerous items useless and preventing them from circulating into the wrong hands, you will make a significant contribution to the safety and security of conflict-affected communities. At the small price of $18, you can help MAG to save lives and build futures for people who have already...


Support Deminers

All-female demining team

Your donation will support one day of an all-female team's life-saving operations. Locating and removing landmines and unexploded ordnance is painstaking and hazardous work, but MAG’s brave and dedicated female teams are up to the challenge. They work hard every day to make their land safe and to free their country from the lethal legacy of conflict. Your support will empower these women to save...


Improve Safety

Village mine education

Your gift will provide one day of life-saving information to a village at risk from the threat of landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). MAG will teach a vulnerable community about the physical appearance of landmines and UXO and what realistic steps people can take to stay safe. For a small price, you will help change the high-risk behavior of affected men, women, and children, enabling...


Clear A Minefield

10 square meters

Your donation will make 10 square meters of land safe from the danger and devastation caused by landmines and unexploded ordnance. Locating and removing these items is painstaking and hazardous work, but it is an essential step in freeing a community from the poverty and suffering caused by conflict. This careful clearance will save innocent lives and limbs and return safe land to people who...