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Mines Action Canada (MAC), a coalition of over 40 Canadian non-governmental organizations, is an international leader working to eliminate the serious humanitarian, environmental and developmental consequences of landmines and explosive remnants of war (ERW). We are the Canadian partner of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, the 1997 co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. MAC is also a founding member of the Cluster Munition Coalition.


We believe that the human-made disaster caused by these weapons is solvable in our lifetime. We exist to advocate for alleviation of the impact of these weapons on the rights, dignity and well-being of civilian populations. MAC's core values are peace, social justice, partnership, solidarity, cooperation, and innovation.


We do this by engaging the Canadian public; building our partners’ capacity domestically and internationally; researching and monitoring the performance and compliance levels of disarmament and humanitarian laws, treaties and norms; and, developing and disseminating resources.

Our programming can be broken down into:

1) Advocacy including advocating for greater resources for mine action globally and a public education campaign on the serious, preventable humanitarian impact of cluster munitions and other victim-activated weapons;

2) Public Engagement including increasing civil society contributions - especically youth contributions - to the mine ban and cluster movement through our outreach, social justice training and opportunities for action;

3) Capacity Building including increasing scope & depth of participation in our leadership capacity building programs, the Youth Leadership, Education & Action Program (Youth LEAP) domestically and internationally;

4) Research and Monitoring including maintaining MAC’s current role as lead agency for the annual production of the internationally-acclaimed Landmine Monitor Report.


Our vision is to bring humanity one step closer to peace and social justice by eliminating the impacts of victim-activated weapons and restoring the rights and dignity of affected individuals and communities.


Paul Hannon is the Executive Director of Mines Action Canada (MAC), the Canadian member of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), which was the co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997. The campaign in Canada is led by MAC a coalition of over 40 Canadian development, faith, health, peace, relief social justice, and disabled peoples support organizations. MAC has worked domestically and internationally to build government support for a ban on landmines.

Paul became the Executive Director of Mines Action Canada in July 1998 and represents MAC on the ICBL’s Advisory Board and is also on the four-member Management Committee of the ICBL. He is one of four members of the Landmine Monitor Editorial Board. As of January 2005 MAC is the lead agency for the ICBL’s Landmine Monitor initiative.

MAC is a founding member of the new international Cluster Munition Coalition and Paul also represents MAC on the Steering Committee of the Cluster Munition Coalition

Paul brought to the campaign 15 years of experience with the Canadian development sector including working and consulting with Africa Emergency Aid, AlterNET Communications, Canadian Council for International Cooperation, International Development Research Centre, Mozambique Task Force, Oxfam Canada, the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Fund (CCIC) and Partnership Africa Canada. He has also worked for the federal government and a major Canadian financial institution.

In 2002 he was awarded the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal.


Darryl Toews, Manitoba Campaign to Ban Landmines (Chair)
Anna Miller, CPAR (Vice Chair)
Tom Davis (Treasurer)
Liz Bernstein, Nobel Women's Initiative
Nancy Degraff, Handicap International Canada
Irving Schwartz
Peter Sundberg
Ami Chokshi
Ron Boyer


Yemen, Zambia


1502- 1 Nicholas Street

Ottawa, - K1N 7B7


Phone: (613) 241-3777

A project of International Campaign to Ban Landmies (EIN: 13-4113075)

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Build Civil Society

Your gift will fund one day of a four-day mine action training for a Canadian Young Professional before deployment to an under-resourced campaign or mine action organization partner in a mine-affected country. Young Professionals will volunteer as interns with partners for 5-6 months as a means to help support local activities - whether its providing support to landmine survivors; providing mine risk education; documenting the...

Research Mines

One field visit

A field visit to a mine-affected area helps the Landmine Monitor continue to be the definitive source in verifying that stockpiled mines have been destroyed; confirming reports of new mine victims and the documentation of suspected mine-affected communities to accurately reflect the progress and problems of efforts to rid the world of landmines.


Train An Advocate

Youth mine training

This gift will help sponsor the costs of having an aspiring young social justice leader participate in an international youth capacity building symposium, a Youth Model Review Conference on the Mine Ban Treaty alongside the annual Meeting of States Parties to the Treaty in Amman, Jordan in November 2007. Youth delegates will get an opportunity to learn about and represent a State or international organization....


Prevent Suffering

One hour of activism

Your gift funds an hour of an activist's time to lobby decision makers in Canada and around the world to have policies that are consistent with preventing the needless humanitarian suffering caused by victim-activated weapons.


Monitor Rights

Landmine compliance

This gift will provide one hour of a researcher's time monitoring compliance with the Mine Ban Treaty. Information gathered will appear in the next issue of the Landmine Monitor Report. Our 71 humanitarian researchers are located in 62 countries around the world.