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We operate a program designed to bring Hispanic parents into the schools their children attend. Parents register with us because of their desire to be computer literate. As they attend class, parents learn marketable skills that allow them to find better-paying jobs and begin to understand how the school system works and how important it is for their children to stay in school.


To enrich the lives of Hispanics through education. It focuses on Hispanic parents as the key figures in family advancement. A central aspect of this mission is that the social and economic viability of Hispanics in Houston will almost exclusively depend on increasing education attainment.


The Institute provides technology-based distance learning programs that benefit Houston’s Hispanics in the fields of education, health, immigration, the workforce, and culture. Parents come to their neighborhood schools and learn computer skills by means of an excellent online course in Spanish designed by the world-renowned Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico. The course is designed so that parents have to go to school for a total of 100 hours during 16-weeks. As they attend class, parents begin to understand how the school system works and how important it is for their children to stay in school. An added benefit is that mothers can now monitor what their children search on the Internet.


As they begin to acquire new knowledge, parent’s self-steem increases, as does their involvement at the school since their accomplishments are recognized by their children. We have many success stories of parents starting small businesses, making purchases through the Internet, and getting better jobs. Most parents never imagined that an education would allow them to advance. Hispanic children represent 63% of all children in HISD, and this percentage is growing. They will be an important part of Houston’s workforce, so whatever education and learning environment we provide for them now will certainly affect our future, and Houston’s future.


Carlos J. Lopez


United States, Mexico


4601 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77004
Phone: (713) 988-6699
EIN: 76-0375543

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Give A Computer

Refurbished computer

Each refurbished computer allows one Hispanic family to access information and educational opportunities at home. Our computers include new mouse, keyboard and speakers and are supplied with OpenOffice, Windows(R)XP Home operating system, hard drive, monitor, and modem.


Promote Literacy

One 400-page manual

Each 400-page manual in computer technology helps Hispanic parents learn Windows, Internet Explorer, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to advance socially and economically in society.