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Mahindra Foundation, is a 501 (c) (3) Not for Profit Organization which aims to provide educational support to girl children from vulnerable communities in India.

In many parts of India, the arrival of a baby girl calls for mourning rather than celebration. Abandoning them at birth or marrying them off as children is a common practice. Looked upon as huge economic burdens, it is hardly surprising that many Indian families don't see the point in investing in their education.

Government of India statistics reveal that only three out of ten girls who enter Std. I complete Std. X. At primary school level, over 45% of girls dropout of school and this increases to over 73% by the time the child has reached Std. X.

The Mahindra Foundation supports the education of these underprivileged girls in India through Project Nanhi Kali which is currently managed by two reputed not for profits in India the K. C. Mahindra Education Trust in Mumbai and Naandi Foundation.




Project Nanhi Kali encourages individuals, groups and corporates from all over the world to sponsor the education of a desired number of girl children in India for a minimum period of one year.

To become a guardian of a Nanhi Kali, the contribution is only :
65 USD (for girls studying in Std 1-7)
85 USD (for girls studying in Std 8-10)
per girl child, per year.

Nanhi Kali has successfully evolved over the years into a national girl child education sponsorship programme, which provides not only academic support but also direct material support in the form of uniforms, clothes, note books etc.

Sponsors in turn receive a profile of the girl along with her photograph followed by regular bi annual progress reports, so that they can track the academic records of their sponsored child.


Project Nanhi Kali has been successful in reaching out over 52000 girl children in India and brightening their lives and empowering them for the future by helping them access education.

Project Nanhi Kali has been able to successfully reduce absenteinism, curtain drop out to below 10% ensuring that 90% of the girl children continue to access 10 years of quality education.


To reach out to 1,00,000 under-priviledged girl children in India by 2010 and to help them develop into empowered and independent young women.


Ms. Sheetal Mehta- President , Mahindra Foundation USA


1. Keshub Mahindra – Director
2. Anand Mahindra – Director
3. Bharat Doshi – Director
4. Theresa Baden Britschgi – Director
5. Anupam Puri – Director
6. Kwok Li – Director
7. Jack Goldstein – Director
8. Yuthica Galiney – Director






488 Ellis Street

Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: +1 650 386 4001

EIN: 20-8105205

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Your Gift will provide under privileged girl children in India the opportunity to develop their 'Reading Abilities' specific to the grade in which they are studying. All books gifted will help build school based 'Library Centres' for the benefit of these under priviledged girl children. GIFT HER THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ ....AND SEE HER SMILE