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KIPP schools are public, tuition free, and open enrollment schools in underserved and under resourced communities committed to preparing our students for success in college and in life. Over 95% of our students are African-American or Latino and 85% of our families qualify for the federally funded meal programs. We currently have 52 schools in 16 states and the District of Columbia serving almost 12,000 students.


To create a respected, influential, national network of public schools that are successful in helping students from educationally underserved communitites develop the knowledge, skills, character, and habits needed to succeed in college and the competitive world beyond.


The KIPP Foundation achieves its mission by recruiting, training, and supporting entrepreneurial educators to start and lead new KIPP schools in underserved communities around the country. Our school leaders participate in a yearlong curriculum of classroom instruction through the KIPP School Leadership Institute at Stanford University and residencies at exemplary schools with the guidance of KIPP school leaders.

Our schools share a set of core operating principles which lay the foundation for students to perform at the highest academic levels: High Expectations, Choice & Commitment, More Time, Power to Lead, and Focus on Results. We are committed to helping our students climb the mountain to college.


KIPP is demonstrating that the achievement gap can be closed. The average 5th grader enters KIPP in the bottom third of test takers nationwide (285h percentile), the average KIPP 8th grader outperforms nearly three out of four test takers nationwide (74th percentile). 79% of KIPP alumni who were high school seniors in 2006 earned acceptances to college. The college matriculation rate of low-income students is 20%.


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Experiential learning

Your support of experiential learning provides our students with opportunities to expand their understanding of classroom lessons and to be exposed to facets of life beyond their neighborhood. Your gift makes it possible for KIPP students to visit museums, see a play, visit another part of their city or state, learn about jobs and the education necessary to perform them, explore colleges and universities and...


Equip Libraries

Books for schools

Books open the minds of students and provide them with the answers to their questions and the foundation for their dreams. A well equipped library offers the students the tools necessary to research and write detailed reports for their classes. Biographies inspire students to reach beyond what they thought was possible. Natural Science books answer questions about the biological and physical world around us. Fiction...