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KLF was founded in 2005 by Adonal Foyle, a native of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and professional NBA player with thr mission to empower youth to grow into healthy and well-educated adults. The name "Kerosene Lamp" refers to the lighting used by Adonal to study on an island without electricity, and symbolizes his mission to brighten the futures of today's youth.

KLF uses basketball as a bridge to the next generation, promoting education (literacy in particular) and health awareness through Athletics & Academics youth camps, art & essay competitions, incentive programs for academic achievement and the building/refurbishment of basketball courts.

Kerosene Lamp Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in the USA and in S. Vincent & the Grenadines.


The mission of the Kerosene Lamp Foundation (KLF) is to empower youth to grow into healthy and well-educated adults, using basketball as a bridge to the next generation.


The Kerosene Lamp Foundation has three major programs:
1. Athletics & Academics Island Camps (A&A Camps) use basketball as a catalyst to encourage youths to take ownership of their health and education.
2. Educational programs develop a passion for learning in youth and encourage youth to become literate adults.
3. Refurbishment of basketball courts provide children with a safe place to play.

1. Academics & Athletics Camps

KLF combines the fundamentals of basketball with educational messages to create a unique and fun-filled experience for youths aged 5 to 17. The free half-day sessions are staffed by a mix of NBA players, coaches and other appropriately skilled international volunteers.

The Camps offer up to eight learning stations covering a range of topics from basketball skills of dribbling, rebounding, shooting, passing and defense to the importance of education, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, nutrition, career advice and the basic tenets of sports psychology. Participating children are divided into groups according to age and then rotate through the stations.

To ensure KLF lessons are reinforced year-round, there is a “Training of Trainers” component for locally-based coaches and school Physical Education teachers. Participants participate in an initial training in sports medicine and assist with camp stations to “learn by doing.”


2. Educational Programs

KLF is establishing Reading and Learning Centers at government schools in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Centers are equipped with books and learning equipment including computers, a TV, DVD player, and assorted flash cards and board games to supplement the formal academic experience.

In addition KLF is holding Annual Express Yourself Art & Essay Competitions to motivate school-aged youth to develop and articulate opinions on issues of significance to their lives.

As part of the Athletics & Academics Camps, KLF is providing 1-2 books to attending youths at the Athletics & Academics Camps. Youth who submit a book report on their books received will be entered into a special drawing to win prizes such as sports memorabilia, learning equipment and additional books.

KLF is currently developing an incentive program in partnership with the Ministry of Education to sponsor out-of-school illiterate youths (aged 15-17) to take classes to improve their reading skills.

3. Basketball Court Refurbishment

With the support of companies and private donors, KLF plans to refurbish basketball courts in the United States and the Caribbean. These courts will provide a safe place for children to play basketball and learn valuable lessons on and off the court.


To date KLF has brightened the lives of over 1200 children in St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SVG), teaching them basketball and raising their awareness of HIV/AIDS, as well as encouraging them to stay in school, through 3 free Athletics & Academics camps, 1 art & essay competitions, and the building of a Reading & Learning Center.

In addition KLF has also supported local initiatives in SVG to inspire youth through an event commemorating President Barack Obama's Inauguration, and an Art & Essay competition held by the SVG National Trust.


Reach 1000 children at the 2009 Athletics & Academics Camps in St. Vincent & the Grenadines (free camps)

Refurbish one basketball court in St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Refurbish one basketball court in the San Francisco Bay Area

Provide scholarships for at least 50 children to attend Athletics & Academics Camps in the San Francisco Bay Area (paid camps).

Hold an art and essay competition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the fall.


Shiyana Valentine has been involved in every aspect of the Kerosene Lamp Foundation from its conception. She has served on the Board of Directors since its establishment in 2005 and has actively participated in all KLF activities to date. She was formally named the Executive Director in October, 2008. Before KLF, she was the Country Manager in the Bahamas for the Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative where her role was to assist the Ministry of Health with integrating HIV/AIDS care into primary healthcare services and strengthening their antiretroviral supply chain to ensure that patients received an uninterrupted supply of medication. Prior to the Clinton Foundation, Shiyana spent three years with the Development Marketplace team at the World Bank where her primary responsibility was to manage a global grant competition that funds innovative and early stage projects with potential for development impact. Shiyana received a BA in History and Peace Studies from Colgate University, and an MA in International Development from American University.


Adonal Foyle, Founder & President
Sabrina Mitchell, Board Secretary
Larry Green
Michelle Lewis
Leland Thompson


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, United States


California, Florida, Louisiana



ORINDA, CA 94563-3922

Phone: (661) 878-7749

EIN: 01-0857784

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Inspire a child

Send a child to camp

Adonal Foyle’s Athletics & Academics Island Camps are day camps held in one of the poorer countries of the Caribbean, in St. Vincent & the Grenadines, that teach youth participants basketball skills, health awareness and the importance of education. KLF’s unique approach is to provide the opportunity for youths to spend a fun-filled day of holistic learning led by a true role model with whom...


Clothe 50 children

T-shirts for 50 kids

Your gift will provide t-shirts for 50 children who attend the Athletics & Academics Camps in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. The t-shirt is a lasting reminder of the fun that the kids had at the camp and of the lessons they learned. We still see kids around the country wearing their t-shirts from the camps we held in 2007!


Fix a Basketball Court

Safe playing spaces

Your extremely generous gift will help fix up 5 basketball courts on 4 islands of St. Vincent & the Grenadines (St. Vincent, Bequia, Canouan, & Union Island) and make them safer playing environments for children. We are estimating a total of $500 in repairs per court.


Feed a child's mind

A book for each child

Your generous gift will provide a book to each child who attends KLF's 2009 Athletics & Academics Camps in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. To encourage each child to read their book, every child who submits a book report on their received book will be entered into a drawing to win cool prizes.


Feed a child or 10

Hot meals for 10 kids

Your gift will provide hot nutritious meals for 10 children at our 2009 Athletics & Academics camps. The meal will consist of rice, chicken and a vegetable.


Encourage a child

1 Awareness Basketball

Your gift of a basketball will initially teach basketball skills and then serve as a reminder of our camp and the educational lessons also taught at our camps. The ball will be custom-printed with a public awareness message about staying in school, saying no to drugs/smoking, or being healthy. The balls will be given out to campers as a reward, not just for their athletic...