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We know every child enters the world with potential. Jumpstart ensures that those children most at-risk still reach this promise. By providing extraordinary attention in yearlong one-to-one relationships, Jumpstart inspires children to learn, adults to teach and communities to progress together… the results are transformational.Jumpstart is working toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Won’t you join us?


Jumpstart is working toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed.


We recognize the state of inequality in early educational experiences in America, and we also recognize that quality early educational experiences have a lasting impact. In fact, the best predictor of whether a 10th grader is reading at grade level is whether or not that child knew the alphabet at age 5.

The Jumpstart model is designed to enhance the educational efforts of early learning programs. By connecting early, through caring one-to-one relationships, Jumpstart promotes brain development and primary skill building.

With our commitment to broad and sustainable social change, it is also important for others to understand and adopt our vision. For this reason, we create strong and meaningful connections with families of Jumpstart children to reinforce learning, empower parents, and develop learning relationships at home; college & universities to leverage their Federal work-study programs and faculty expertise, while bringing support networks to communities; and corps members to engage college students to work one-to-one with preschoolers, creating a group of trained students with strong experience in early childhood education, an interest in continuing to teach, and inspiration to be responsible citizens.


Founded in 1993 with 15 college students working with 15 preschoolers, Jumpstart is now a national leader in early childhood education, engaging 3,500 college students in service to nearly 13,000 children in 20 states and 64 communities across the country.


James Cleveland, President, works to ensure Jumpstart’s operations infrastructure will always support the organization’s aggressive growth with quality strategy, thereby expanding Jumpstart’s impact for years to come. In 2002, James joined Jumpstart as the executive director of the Northeast region, successfully returning the region to a position of strength, growth, and success. From 1994-2000, he worked at SCORE! Learning Centers where he managed a region in San Francisco and was responsible for up to 55 direct reports and more than $4 million in revenue. He also opened four additional centers, implemented new tutoring services, established new community partnerships with schools and youth oriented organizations, and ultimately improved year-over-year revenue generation by 300 percent. In 2000, James co-founded a new education company, InsideTrack, which helps college students make decisions about their academic and career goals. James is a graduate of Stanford University.


Jim Alling, President, Starbucks North America
Bill Barke, CEO and Chairman, Pearson Addison Wesley Higher Education and Pearson Canada
Laura Berk, Professor Emerita, Illinois State University
Margaret Covell, Managing Director, Thomas H. Lee Partners
Chris Hessler, Founder and CEO, El Dorado Marketing Group
Jackie Jenkins Scott, President, Wheelock College
Greg Johnson, President & CEO, Franklin Templeton Investments
William B. Marsh, Cambridge, Mass.
Kenneth R. Meade, Partner, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, LLP
Susan B. Neuman, Professor, University of Michigan School of Education
Mark Nieker, President, Pearson Foundation
Mark Nunnelly, Managing Director, Bain Capital
Cheryl Polk, Consultant
Lori Sidman, Consulant
Robert Small, Managing Director, Berkshire Partners
Robert Smith, Founding Partner, Castanea Partners
Chris Stadler, Managing Partner, CVC Capital Partners
Gary Syman, Chair, Retired Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Rob Waldron, Vice President, Berkshire Partners; President and COO, Waterworks


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Mentor Children

Mentoring for 10

This gift will provide 10 at-risk preschoolers with a highly trained Jumpstart Corps member mentor for one full semester; each Corps members will be paired one-to-one with the same child for the duration of the program. While the program runs for one full school year, you can be a part of supporting an entire semester of this work. The results speak for themselves: children who...


Equip A Tutor

Literacy kits

Trained on the basics of child development, including techniques for reading with children, and conflict resolution, Jumpstart volunteers work together in teams to implement a curriculum with young children twice a week for the entire school year. Each Jumpstart Corps member is paired one-to-one with an at-risk preschooler to ensure individualized attention. As part of their lessons with children each week, teams utilize a host...


Mentor A Child

semester of mentoring

Your gift will provide one full semester of one-to-one mentoring by a trained Jumpstart Corps member and an at-risk preschool child. For over a decade we’ve been bringing at-risk preschool children and caring adults together. Jumpstart fosters relationships that focus on building literacy, in combination with social and emotional readiness. A one-to-one setting ensures that education becomes the completely transformational experience it was meant to...


Equip A Classroom

One education package

Incorporating letters and print into a child’s learning environment and into his or her everyday play ensures that the child becomes comfortable and familiar with the alphabet. When put to use by a caring Jumpstart volunteer working one-to-one with the child, the learning is individualized and more effective. Your gift will provide an educational package of puzzles, Alphabet Bingo, Letter Tiles, and Alphabet Stamps, materials...


Distribute Books

Library for children

Chosen by researchers and curriculum experts as rich, high-quality texts that will support children’s development of language and literacy skills, the books provided with your donation also touch on issues familiar to every child, such as the arrival of a new baby brother or sister, the excitement of experiencing new places and meeting new people, and the fun of spending time with friends! This basket...