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Internews Network is a global non-profit organization that fosters independent media and access to information worldwide.

Internews' work improving access to information for people around the world is based on over 25 years of experience and work in some 70 countries spanning Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.


To improve access to information for people around the world by fostering independent media and promoting open communications policies in the public interest.


Formed in 1982, Internews Network is a 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in California. It has worked in 70 countries, and currently has offices in 23 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America.

Since inception, Internews has worked with 4,300 radio and television stations and print publications.

Internews Network is a founding member of Internews International, an umbrella organization, based in Paris, made up of 12 media development NGOs.


Internews activities include:

Training. Internews trains over 9,000 media professionals each year in journalism, production, and management. For more advanced students, Internews offers training in topics such as computer graphics, media law, and investigative journalism.

Production. To strengthen the independent media sector, Internews works with local media professionals to produce original, high-quality programming. Last year this came to 5600 hours of television and radio programming, with a combined potential audience of nearly 400 million radio listeners and over 380 million TV viewers.

Media infrastructure. Internews provides a broad range of infrastructure support to enable independent media to provide vital news and information, including providing journalists and stations with production equipment, creating production studios, and building radio stations from the ground up.

Media law and policy. To allow independent media to fulfill their “watchdog” function, Internews has worked for the adoption and implementation of fair media laws and policies in 21 countries.

As part of its work fostering independent media and access to information, Internews has developed special global programs in health journalism, environmental journalism, humanitarian media, information and communications technology, and governance and transparency.


Providing people with access to vibrant, diverse news and information empowers them to participate effectively in their communities, effect positive social change, improve their living standards, and make their voices heard.


David Hoffman is co-founder and President of Internews Network.

Hoffman has written widely about media and democracy, the Internet, and the importance of supporting pluralistic, local media around the world. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The International Herald Tribune, Foreign Affairs, and The San Francisco Chronicle. He has also testified before US House and Senate committees on issues of press freedom and access to information.

Currently, Hoffman serves as Chair of the Management Committee for the Global Forum for Media Development, a cross-sector initiative of more than 400 leading media assistance organizations. GFMD works to develop and strengthen independent media around the world that are both responsive to, and reflective of, the needs of ordinary people.

Hoffman was project director of the Emmy-award winning television series Capital to Capital in 1987-1990, produced in association with ABC News and Soviet State Television, and was project director for Internews’ broadcasts of the proceedings of the War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, for which Internews was awarded the European Commission’s ECHO Award for Broadcast Commitment in 1996.

From 1980-1982 Hoffman was the editor of Evolutionary Blues, a journal of political thought on international conflict, the threat of nuclear war, and US-Soviet relations.

Hoffman has a BA in Political Science from Johns Hopkins University and has completed doctoral work at the University of Colorado in the Social and Intellectual History of the United States.


Manana Aslamazyan
Media Development Consultant

Kathy Bushkin Calvin, Co-Chair
Executive Vice President and COO
The United Nations Foundation

Greg Carr
Carr Foundation

Lorne Craner
International Republican Institute

Wade Greene
Rockefeller Family and Associates

David Hoffman
Internews Network

David Michaelis
Director of Current Affairs
Link TV

Pat Mitchell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Museum of Television and Radio

Carlos Pascual
Vice President and Director, Foreign Policy Studies Program
Brookings Institution

Peter H. Pennekamp, Co-Chair
Humboldt Area Foundation

Sanford Socolow, Vice Chair
Executive Producer
Cronkite Productions, Inc.

Kim Spencer
Link TV


Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Chad, China, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, Viet Nam


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This gift will provide resources to local journalists in developing countries to help them develop their skills as reporters. Your gift supplies radio and television production equipment to local journalists, funds small grants to reporters so they can travel to research their stories, and enables Internews to provide training and long-term mentoring to local journalists and independent media outlets in the developing world.


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Assist emergency media

Your gift will help local journalists and their media outlets to provide life-saving news and information to people suffering from humanitarian disasters, allowing Internews to: -- Distribute thousands of wind-up/solar radios to disaster survivors who are living in refugee camps --Provide emergency broadcast equipment to help damaged radio stations get back on the air -- Produce daily radio programming on relief, recovery and crisis news,...