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Established by volunteer doctors and nurses, IMC provides disaster relief, capacity building and training, primary health care, mental health services, and economic assistance to communities worldwide. IMC's programs are designed to be sustainable and are handed over to trained local leaders instead of being ended, ensuring a significant impact that lasts generations. 90% of IMC employees live where they work, ensuring programs that are fiscally responsible and culturally-sensitive, while also boosting local economies.


IMC is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care, training, relief, and development programs that focus on the community level for multiplied impact and enhanced sustainability.


IMC operates in some of the most challenging environments in the world, where conflict, disease, and disaster have had a devastating effect on communities. IMC provides primary health care, mental health services, economic recovery and skills training, specialized training for health care workers and volunteers, rehabilitation of health and sanitation facilities, and targeted health services including care for women and malnourished children.

IMC's veteran relief workers were on the ground within hours of the 2004 tsunami, 2005 Pakistan earthquake, and Hurricane Katrina; indeed, IMC is one of the world's fastest responders when disasters strike. However, we also remain through the duration of a crisis. IMC works through the three major phases of crises: the acute phase just after the event, the transitional phase during which communities recover, and the development phase, at which point the environment is fairly stable and real rebuilding can begin. While many organizations work only in emergencies or development, IMC works in all three phases continuously and specializes in difficult transitional periods.

Every step of the way, IMC involves local communities in decisions, from where to build a well to how to best educate residents on important health issues.


Currently, IMC operates programs in 22 countries and regions worldwide that benefit over 20 million people each year, 80% of them women and children. In some places, such as Afghanistan, IMC's work over the years has helped rehabilitate and restructure national health care systems.

The impact of IMC's programs is multiplied by training local health workers in the same skill sets that physicians might have: from vaccinating a child to performing surgery in field conditions. Additionally, well-trained volunteers can help educate residents about health, prevent malnutrition, and even safely deliver babies in the absence of doctors.


Nancy A. Aossey


Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Burundi, Chad, Congo, the Democratic Republic of the, Ethiopia, Kenya, Liberia, Pakistan, Sudan, Uganda, Central African Republic, Jordan, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Georgia, Haiti, Iraq, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Sierra Leone


California, District of Columbia


1919 Santa Monica Blvd.

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Phone: (310) 826-7800

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Basic Needs



Treat Malaria

Women & children

$100 Could treat as many as 100 children with malaria. Artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) costs about $1 per treatment


Plant A Garden

Seeds and tools

Your gift will provide seeds and tools for one woman. When you give a woman something as simple as the seeds and tools she needs to grow food, you are empowering her and her entire community to break free from the cycle of hunger and disease. You are supporting good nutrition, promoting sustainable agriculture, and helping to strengthen communities that have been affected by conflict...


Vaccinate Children

100 vaccinations

When you help IMC vaccinate children against diseases like measles, tetanus, and meningitis, you enhance their chance for survival. You also reduce the likelihood of an epidemic, especially in crowded, unsanitary conditions such as refugee camps. Your gift could mean the difference between a child's early death or disability and a future of health and opportunity.


Support Clean Water

Water for a family

Your gift helps IMC to provide a clean supply of water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Through a simple, gradual overnight process, water filtration units can transform even highly polluted water into safe drinking water that meets World Health Organization standards.