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The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is a network of over 1,000 non-governmental organizations in over 60 countries. It works to turn the words of the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty into a reality. The campaign calls for an international ban on the use, production, stockpiling, sale, transfer or export of antipersonnel landmines. In recognition of its achievements, the campaign was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997, together with its then coordinator, Jody Williams.


The ICBL works for the complete eradication of antipersonnel landmines. It advocates for ratification of and accession to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty; implementation and monitoring of the treaty; resources for humanitarian demining and mine risk education and increased resources for landmine survivors' rehabilitation and socio-economic reintegration.


Each member of the ICBL runs its own programs, which cover essential activities such as research, mine clearance, mine risk education, survivor assistance and advocacy. The ICBL aids and assists its 1,000 members in every way possible. The ICBL also monitors the implementation of and compliance with the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty through the research and production of the annual Landmine Monitor Report. As well, the ICBL is deeply involved in the Mine Ban Treaty processes, such as the Meetings of States Parties and the intersessional standing committees.


In 1997, the Norwegian Nobel Committee applauded the ICBL for changing a ban from "a vision to a feasible reality" and recognized that it offers a model for other processes in the field of disarmament and peace. Since the adoption of the Mine Ban Treaty, the ICBL has remained committed to capitalizing on the global political momentum that it helped to create. "We will continue to work diligently… [towards] our goal of a world free of mines where all survivors can live in dignity" (Jody Williams, September 2002).


Afghanistan, Cambodia, Colombia, India, Lebanon, Yemen, Turkey, Senegal


c/o Human Rights Watch
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Support Victims

Group advocacy

Your gift will be used to support mine victim associations so that they may raise their voices and demands that their rights be respected within their country. While emergency care is indeed vital to a mine victim, it is only a first step. Survivors not only confront a long recovery process characterized by physical suffering and mental grief, but they often suffer the pain of...


Support A Survivor

Travel to a conference

Your donation will be used towards the purchase of a flight ticket to allow the participation of a landmine survivor campaigner in an international conference. Only with the participation of survivors in landmine-related conferences will the landmine programmes truly take into account the opinions and wishes of landmine survivors. Their presence is crucial to the mine ban movement.


Support A Mine Ban

Landmine advocacy

Your gift will permit a member organization of the ICBL, located in a mine-affected region, to advocate for the full implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty in their country. Local ICBL member organizations lobby for and assist in the development of practical and efficient programs aimed at destroying antipersonnel stockpiles and removing mines from the ground.