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HelpArgentina works as a bridge connecting a community of donors and volunteers from all over the world to organizations in the Argentine social sector.


HelpArgentina is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to strengthen Argentine civil society through the mobilization of donors and volunteers and the promotion of best practices.

HelpArgentina´s vision is of a competitive, trustworthy and globally financed Argentine social sector. It offers the international community a secure channel to support a network of organizations selected according to social impact, accountability and best practices.


Since 2003, we have mobilize more than US$2,000,000 to strengthen the Argentine social sector.


The first element of this model is the HelpArgentina Community without Borders: a global community of social investors, social ambassadors and on-site volunteers whose work supports a network of over 50 Argentine social organizations. There are many ways to get involved:
- HelpArgentina Night, an annual event where social ambassadors host private dinners all over the world to raise funds for the social cause of their choice.
- The HelpArgentina Award, an award that recognizes the work of dedicated social ambassadors who have driven social change in Argentina by mobilizing the international community.
- InsightArgentina, a program that facilitates volunteerism in HelpArgentina's member organizations and uses the volunteer experience as a platform for developing lasting relationships with the social sector.
- HelpArgentina Traveler, an initiative that allows those traveling within Argentina to donate to HelpArgentina simply by choosing to travel with participating travel agencies.
- The Argentine Venture Philanthropy Fund, a program that combines venture capital with the mission-driven principles of civil society, coordinating groups of professionals that support the growth and development of the member organization of their choice for a cycle of two years.

The second element is the bridge itself, an Online Social Investment Marketplace through which anyone can access information about HelpArgentina's member organizations. Potential donors can choose the organization or social issue they want to invest in and complete the process online through a fast, secure and tax-deductible donation. Thanks to this innovative tool, the activities of all member organizations are given equal visibility and equal opportunity to attract support.

The third element is social sector capacity-building. HelpArgentina works with a network of more than 50 social organizations selected according to social impact, accountability and best practice.


Slowly but surely, HelpArgentina daily comes closer to achieving the vision of a competitive, trustworthy and globally financed Argentine social sector. It offers the international community a secure channel to support a network of organizations selected according to social impact, accountability and best practices. And, with your help, HelpArgentina can continue to support for over 50 non-profits in Argentina.

"HelpArgentina is part of the breath of fresh air that makes me feel hopeful and have faith in this country's future." - Javier Corcuera, Director's Council


Milagros Olivera studied graphic design at the UBA, Artistic Direction in New York, and Marketing in Berkeley, San Francisco. She worked in a multinational corporation for seven years, but since 1997 has dedicated herself to advising and promoting civil society organizations. She was the Executive Director of the Argentine Strategic Planning Association and the Coordinator for the Circulation of Reports on Human Development for PNUD 2002 where she was awarded a scholarship to study at the ONU for a postgraduate degree in Human Development. She was also the facilitator (trained in the methodology of Scenario Construction by its creator Adam Kahane) for the Justice Table for Argentine Discussion, among other forums. From October 2004 until April 2006 she served as the Coordinator of International Cooperation and Government Agencies for the Vida Silvestre Argentina Foundation. Since then, she has worked as the Executive Director for the HelpArgentina Foundation.


Lloyd Nimetz. Co-founder and president of HelpArgentina. He has seen his dedication to HelpArgentina as a challenge and a personal necessity to get involved in the social sector, to look for social innovations in order to minimize the suffering and to increase the quality of life of Argentines.

Javier Corcuera. Argentine biologist, he is married and a father of three. He is currently AVINA's Representative for Water and Coasts in Latin America.

Diego Ferrari. He is a lawyer who contributes his experience and wisdom in legal cases. He dedicates his time and effort to HelpArgentina for the development of a more just country.

Carlos March. As Director of HelpArgentina, his function consists of defining strategies for the strengthening of the Argentine Social Sector. His role can also be consolidated into the promoter of good practices and mobilization of resources.

Emilio Ocampo. Mr. Ocampo is the founding partner of Arcadia Advisors, a financial advisory firm that serves international clients with investments in South America.

Alicia Peirano de Balbieri. Specialist in Human Resources and organizations. She has been busy with management obligations in international businesses and in professional and managing associations.


Argentina, United States



NEW YORK, NY 10128-1733

Phone: (646) 472-5188

EIN: 55-0790450

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With your donation of US $5, Fundación Escolares buys a pack of school supplies for three students, giving them the materials they need to succeed. The packs each include a notebook with 86 pages, 1 pencil, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 box of colored pencils, 1 box of markers, 1 pen, and 1 glue.


Share City Art

3 student outings

With your US $25 donation nine PH15 students will be able to go on 3 educational outings, visiting art spaces around the city.