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GO Campaign gives opportunity to children around the world. GO raises awareness and funds for grassroots organizations throughout the developing world that provide orphans and vulnerable children with the care and services they need to survive and thrive. GO empowers youth to participate in our mission by providing them with engaging tools and resources that educate and inspire action. GO is kids helping kids.

GO supporters are encouraged to choose which project(s) they want to support and 100% of their donations go to programs serving youth.


GO Campaign improves the lives of orphans and vulnerable children throughout the developing world. We pursue our mission by partnering with local grassroots organizations that provide children in need with the care and services - such as food, shelter, health care, education, vocational skills and the love - they require to survive and thrive.

GO supporters are encouraged to choose which project(s) they want to support and 100% of their donations go to programs that foster children’s potential.

GO empowers youth and educators to participate in our mission by providing them with engaging tools and resources that educate and inspire action. GO’s piggy bank philanthropists and budding agents of change are making tangible differences in the lives of other children across the globe.


GO Campaign builds on the overwhelming response and initiative of "youth philanthropists" to proactively make a difference in the life of a child in need. From day one, children and young adults have inspired and led to the development of GO Campaign. Through focus groups, fundraising efforts and the fundamental desire to effect a positive change in the world, "powered by youth" is more than a catch phrase, it is the essence of GO Campaign.


Some of our current projects include:
China: BAMBOO BABIES. Provide babies, once living in government orphanages in rural Hunan Province (which receive a mere $80 a year to care for a child) with a healthy diet of fortified formula, rice, vegetables, meat and calcium supplements, and educational toys that will help them grow and mature.
China: A DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE. Support new loving foster families, who are economically challenged but still want to care for an orphan, by providing them with ongoing medical assistance for their adopted children, some of whom have developmental and special physical needs.
Haiti: EDUCATION ON THE GO. Support a mobile teaching program to increase Haiti’s 50% literacy rate that will teach children who are unable to attend school how to read, write and develop math skills.
Kenya: HOPE IN THE SLUM. Rescue over 300 children living in the Kawangware slum by building them an eco-friendly facility for their youth-led recycled-paper micro-business.
Liberia: STRONG HOME. Build a safe home and learning center for traumatized children so they can heal from their life of suffering and grow into their full potential.
Peru: SCHOOL FOR LIFE. Enable more children, living in the isolated and marginalized Huama community, to attend school and advance in their studies by providing them with educational opportunities.
Rwanda: Collaborate with the Rwandan Ministry of Education and local community institutions to develop and fund educational opportunities and a vocational training center for youth affected by the 1994 genocide.
Tanzania: ‘LET US SPEAK OUT’. Provide assistance for a home for orphans and former street children and enable them to gain proper legal documentation, because without it the government denies them their legal rights.
Tanzania: BUDDING STUDENTS. Help young disadvantaged students develop and gain the educational foundation and opportunities they need to succeed.


Long-lasting International Development: We primarily partner with small grassroots organizations in the developing world that are typically too small or otherwise overlooked by larger non-profit grantmaking organizations. We support programs run by local community leaders that have the proven ability to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children by providing critical services and resources. We aim to build strong and long lasting relationships with our beneficiary organizations and the children they serve to ensure that the donations and goodwill of our supporters are honored most effectively. 100% of all donations to GO Campaign are dedicated to serving children.

Bringing GO to Life — Nurturing student energy, minds and potential to make a difference in the world. One of GO Campaign's goals is to empower today's youth to become engaged citizens and make a difference in the lives of their peers around the world. GO provides easy access to the information, resources and tools to: * Learn about the real-world challenges facing children globally. * Appreciate and experience personal connections with youth of different cultures *Meet the challenges of the 21st century with solutions to safeguard our future.

Why use GO Learning Tools — GO Learning Tools are an effective and great way to: * Help students develop the critical thinking skills needed in higher education* Promote cross-cultural understanding through real-world experiences * Bring hope and help promote solutions to the challenges faced by tens of millions of youth throughout the world *Provide students with additional ideas and resources for fulfilling community service requirements and/or to engage in service opportunities.


Scott Fifer is the Founder and Executive Director of GO Campaign. A Hollywood TV and film screenwriter and former Wall Street attorney and U.S. Senate aide, Scott has successfully fostered the growth and expansion of TunaHAKI Foundation into GO Campaign, and effectively partnered TunaHAKI Foundation with notable organizations and institutions including Architecture for Humanity, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cirque du Soleil, One4Kids UK, Feed the Children, Save Africa's Children, Direct Change, and the Coalition for a Sustainable Africa.


Scott Fifer
Jill Goldman
Victoria Strauss Kennedy
Daryl Offer
Alex Vorbeck
Tony Horton
Rami Ghandour


Tanzania, United Republic of, Cambodia, China, Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, Liberia, Peru, Rwanda


2461 Santa Monica Blvd. #437

Santa Monica, CA 90404

Phone: (310) 396-6343

EIN: 20-4542914

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