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Gina Gibney Dance is a performing and community action dance company with a two fold mission: To create and perform contemporary choreography that draws upon the strength and insights of women and men, and to enrich and reshape lives through innovative community programs that help families, youth and senior members of the community express themselves through movement.

Company - This troupe of five versatile and talented dancers performs Gina Gibney's deeply personal choreography and demonstrate strength, power and creativity in their performance and community choices. Gibney's unique approach to dance questions what it means to be human with all of the attendant pain, beauty and mystery and examines the complex nature of meaningful relationships, self knowledge and the socially committed life.

Community - GGD's groundbreaking community initiatives use the transforming power of movement to assist members of disenfranchised communities and survivors of violence to heal, find their voice and build new lives.


Gina Gibney Dance is committed to a unique dual mission: To create and perform contemporary choreography that draws upon the strengths and insights of women, and to enrich and reshape lives through programs that give voice to communities in need. A pioneering force in linking dance with social service, the company’s groundbreaking community initiatives use the transforming power of movement to assist survivors of violence to heal, find their voice and build new lives.


GINA GIBNEY DANCE was founded in 1991. In 1997, in response to Gina Gibney's growing concern that women in professional dance were losing artistic and financial ground, the company was reconceived as an all-female troupe. Over ten year as an all-female company, Gibney developed a repertory of seven evening length works that exploring the humanity and physicality of women. This fall, the company has welcomed the return of male dancers and in May 2009 will premiere its first work for a mixed group, VIEW PARTIALLY OBSTRUCTED. Over the years the company has performed in Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Washington State and Washington, DC and in Toronto and Montreal, Canada and since 1992 has mounted 11 New York City seasons. Gina Gibney Dance reaches more than 5,000 people annually through performing. The company's work has been presented at Danspace Project, The Duke on 42nd Street, Ailey Citigroup Theater, Works & Process at The Guggenheim Museum, Yale Repertory Theater, Internationale Tanzmesse, Kaatsbaan and elsewhere.


In 2000 Gina Gibney Dance launched the Domestic Violence Project. The first of its kind, this project was conceived to unite survivors of domestic abuse, who often have grave issues of self determination and autonomy with professional dancers, who through years of training have learned to control their physical environment with freedom and confidence.

Many times over this groundbreaking program has demonstrated that movement, physical awareness and creativity can play a remarkable role in healing trauma. The success of this program - a partnership with Sanctuary for Families and Safe Horizon - provided the context for Gina Gibney Dance to develop other programs that meet the needs of under served populations.

Another new initiative, Moving the Community, will bring the healing power of movement to the HIV/AIDS community.

Also, specially designed for children in domestic violence shelters, MyMoves! is a program that will offer high-quality workshops to help children develop self-confidence and life skills such as creative problem solving, concentration, collaboration and communication.

Keep Moving, our youth-at-risk program, is underway again this year at Washington Irving High School. The aim of Keep Moving is to help underperforming and seriously at risk youth gain coping and life skills and to imagine a more positive future.


Our artistic work highlights women dancer as strong individuals, each with a unique and organic presence. Gibney’s process invites the dancers to fully excavate their own ideas and impulses in a bottom-up approach, which respects and empowers the dancers.

Annually, our community initiatives serve thousands of participants through three distinct programs: Domestic Violence Project, Keep Moving for youth-at-risk, and the company's new initiative for Moving the Community, an initiative for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

By tracking and evaluating our work since 2004, we have gathered compelling evidence of the success of our approach. Perhaps most encouraging is the finding that 93% of the workshop participants indicated that the workshops gave them confidence to try things that they were reluctant to do before.


The Dance Company
To broaden our company's mission by reintroducing GGD as a mixed gender company. The new company will make its debut in the premiere of VIEW PARTIALLY OBSTRUCTED on May 13 at Ailey Citigroup Theater in NYC.

Our Community Work
To step up our commitment to the issue of domestic violence by launching MyMoves! - a program of movement and creativity for children. This year, the project will be a weekly support for children in six domestic violence shelters in New York City.

Our Organization
This year, Gina Gibney Dance is developing a strategic plan to map our growth over the next ten years, and move our work forward.


Gina Gibney is the Artistic Director of Gina Gibney Dance. Her choreography has been widely presented and commissioned in the United States and abroad. Gibney is regarded as a pioneer in using the arts to reach and empower communities in need. Her work has been recognized or honored by the National Endowment for the Arts, the Vanity Fair Hall of Fame, The Retreat Inspiration Award and many others. Gibney is a member of the Board of Directors of Danspace Project and DanceUSA. Gibney graduated with honors and received an MFA in Dance from Case Western Reserve University. Individuals who have influenced her work include Kathryn Karipides, Kelly Holt, Hanya Holm, Mark Morris, Jocelyn Lorenz, and the many gifted performers with whom she has worked.


JJane Grenier, President
Vice President

Rachel Norton, Vice President
Associate Director of Development
Lincoln Center Theater

Martha Hirschman, Secretary
Assistant Head of School
The Hewitt School

Tyra Liebmann, Treasurer
Wagner Graduate School of Public Service New York University

Gina Gibney, Officer at Large
Artistic Director, Gina Gibney Dance, Inc.

Bobbi Burke
Former COO
W. Warner Burke Associates

Mary Casey
Hotel Association of New York City
Lauren DiPaolo
JPMorgan Chase
Amy Gavronovic - Junior Board Co-Chair
International Tax Senior Associate
Deloitte Tax, LLP

Lynn Gitlitz
Marketing/Business Planning Consultant

Katie Glasner
Assistant Chair and Senior Associate
Barnard College Department of Dance

Ellen Glazerman
Director, Ernst & Young Foundation
Ernst & Young LLP

Ken Gutwillig
Chief Investment Officer
Financial Decisions

Lisa Keels - Junior Board Co-Chair
Torys LLP

Reshma Ketkar
Vice President
BlackRock Alternative Advisors

James Kennedy
Kennedy Johnson Gallagher LLC

Phil Mussman
Director of Sales

Carrie Newman
Carrie Newman Special Events

Victoria Shenderovich
Senior Associate
Moody’s Investors Service

Susan Terry
Managing Director
Beyond the Bottom Line

Crystal Williams
Educational Consultant


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NEW YORK, NY 10003-1211

Phone: (212) 677-8560

EIN: 13-3623815

A Gift Card

Arts and Culture

Set of TakeCare Cards

with TakeCare Cards

This gift will provide the funds to print an entire set of TakeCare cards for the participants of a Domestic Violence workshop. Each TakeCare Card is personally designed and developed by a member of GGD. It offers words of relaxation and a description of an exercise from the workshop or similar to ideas and exercises presented in the workshop that will calm down the body...


Refreshments for Open Movement Class for HIV/AIDS Community

for refreshments

This gift provides refreshments for recharge+reconnect - a free open movement class combining yoga, movement and breathing exercises for individuals living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. Classes including recharge+reconnect are part of the large project, Moving the Community which underscores Gina Gibney Dance’s mission of using the power of movement and creativity to enrich and reshape lives. Extending the work we have done in six...


Transport to a Shelter

with 1 subway fare

This gift will provide round-trip subway fare to a shelter so that we can introduce women to our program. This year alone, through our current partnerships, we have been able to enter twenty shelters throughout the five boroughs of New York City and provide 250 workshops for women, reaching 12-15 women participants per workshop. Transportation to and from the shelter is a crucial starting point....


One Hour of Studio Space

with studio space

This gift will provide one hour of studio rental space for rehearsal or program planning. In order to have a program that can really help survivors, time and space are needed to create it. Whether the studio space is used to generate movement material for performance or to create new exercises for the workshops, time in the studio is crucial.


Workshop in a Domestic Violence Shelter

with 1 shelter session

This gift will allow a dancer to teach one workshop session to survivors at a domestic violence shelter. Ironically, in most domestic violence shelters, little or no attention is paid to the body. The Domestic Violence Project fills this crucial gap by using movement and creativity to help survivors of violence develop self-awareness, regain a more positive self-image and take steps to reclaim their lives....


Training for Dancers in Domestic Violence Community

with training sessions

This gift provides training sessions for dancers to learn to work effectively in the domestic violence community. Our workshops encourage the women to reflect upon their own personal qualities, experiences and aspirations. They are given the opportunity to examine how they are unique, and are encouraged to understand, accept and celebrate their uniqueness. The women are encouraged to begin to “make peace with their bodies.”...


Children's Workshop in a Domestic Violence Shelter

a children's workshop

This gift will allow a dancer to teach one children's workshop in a domestic violence shelter. Through consistent and concentrated yearlong programming in these shelters, with 6-10 children in each workshop, we will reach over 2,000 children. MyMoves! offers a high-quality program of workshops to help children develop self-confidence and life skills such as creative problem solving, concentration, collaboration and communication. We have learned through...


Training for Dancers

by providing materials

This gift will provide the materials such as books, articles and training sessions with shelter specialists that are necessary for a dancer to become educated about how to deal with domestic violence survivors. If trained and sensitized to the issue of domestic violence, professional dancers can bring movement, creativity and self-care to survivors as part of their journey to more healthy futures.