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Gilda’s Club ensures that men, women, and children living with cancer receive free of charge, the social and emotional support that is a powerful complement to medical care. Our clubhouses across North America serve individuals with all types and stages of cancer, their families and friends, and people who have lost someone to cancer. Gilda’s Club is truly the only place where the entire family can come together to experience a community of support.


Gilda’s Club is a cancer support community where men, women, and children, who have any type or stage of cancer, and their families and friends, can come together, free of charge, for social and emotional support. Currently there are 21 Gilda’s Clubhouses in the United States and Canada.


Each person who walks through the red doors of one of our 21 Gilda’s Clubhouses (with 8 more in development) discovers the magic of our program. Through networking and support groups, lectures and workshops, and social events – all facilitated by licensed mental health professionals – Gilda’s Club teaches people how to live with cancer, whatever the outcome. Gilda’s Club Worldwide helps to expand this program to new communities, ensured the high quality of operations happening inside each clubhouse and advances and advocates for the social and emotional support movement.


The impact of the Gilda’s Club program is profound and transformative. When people join Gilda’s Club, their anxiety and fear about living with the disease subsides. From isolation, they feel a sense of community. They often feel hope, sometimes for the first time since their diagnosis. They grow personally. They have access to critical information from experts about medical treatment and personal care. They learn how to live with cancer, whatever the outcome. And they help their peers do the same.


United States, Canada


322 Eighth Avenue
Suite 1402
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (888) GILDA-4-U
EIN: 13-3617481

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