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First Book provides new books to children in need addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy – access to books. Studies reveal that the critical factor determining whether a child becomes a reader is access to reading materials--specifically, the presence of books at home. Yet in low-income neighborhoods, there is only one book for every 300 children. Since 1992, First Book has worked to reverse that trend by distributing over 80 million new books to children in need.


To give new books to kids in need.


First Book works through existing community programs to provide a steady stream of new free or low cost books and improve access to reading materials. First Book reaches these programs through an innovative, powerfully designed, three-part network:

Local Advisory Boards – First Book’s central, community-based model that brings together diverse local leaders to mobilize communities and supply existing programs with new books for the children they serve.

First Book National Book Bank – the first-ever online centralized system that enables publishers to donate large quantities of new books to the nonprofit sector for distribution to children from low-income families.

First Book Marketplace – a web-based venture that offers high quality, award-winning books to community programs serving disadvantaged children at 50-90% below retail prices.


First Book has provided more than 80 million new books to children in need in thousands of communities nationwide. While innovative in its approach, First Book is conservative in its economic life; the organization’s financials reveal that over 97% of revenue is devoted to implementing its far-reaching programs.


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Phone: (202) 393-1222

EIN: 52-1779606

Inspire Dreams

15 Brand New Volumes

Your gift will place 15 brand new volumes into the hands of children who need them most.


Give Home Libraries

Entire Classroom of Children with Brand New Books

Your gift will directly stock the homes of an entire classroom of children in need with libraries of their very own brand new books.


Equip A Classroom

Provide books for kids

Your gift will allow a classroom of children to learn from brand new books.


Teach the Joy

5 books for children

Your gift will put five brand new books directly into the hands of children in need.


Share Stories

12 bedtime stories

Your gift will bring the magic of a bedtime story directly to a child in need once every month for a year.


Spread the Magic

Books for afterschool

Your gift will bring brand new books directly to afterschool programs that support children's literacy and education.


Fill Backpacks

Books for 20 students

Your gift will put brand new books directly in the backpacks of 20 preschoolers in need for them to take home.


Fill A Bookshelf

20 children's books

Your gift will put 20 brand new books in the home of a child in need.


Open Young Minds

40 new books

Your gift will bring 40 children brand new appealing and age-appropriate books to take home and keep.


Nurture Imagination

25 fun-filled books

Your gift will provide 25 children in an afterschool program with brand new books.


Fund Better Futures

200 books for children

Your gift of 200 new books will strengthen the reading ability of a classroom of children in need.


Spark A Reader

2 brand new books

This gift will provide the magic of two new books to a child in need, and help create a foundation of literacy in her life.


Gift Card for First Book

2 brand new books