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Throughout the developing world, many individuals do not receive basic information and education. Our combined radio, training and outreach programs empower underserved communities to improve their lives across a variety of areas, including women’s empowerment, HIV/AIDS, safe migration, early childhood development, sustainable livelihoods, health and sanitation, civic education, youth life skills, and peace building. Our combined approach seeks to create change among communities among all three levels of knowledge, attitude and behavior.


Equal Access creates positive social change for millions of people in the developing world by providing critically needed information and education through locally produced and targeted content, the use of appropriate and cost-effective technology, and effective partnerships and community engagement.


Equal Access' satellite and FM radio networks in Nepal, Afghanistan and Cambodia allow millions of underserved people to access critically needed information through engaging radio series. Often, our radio series combine a drama component - which encourages listeners to tune in episode after episode and emulate role model characters - and a magazine section of interviews and references to available services. All radio content is produced in-country, often by Equal Access staff and production partners; however, some communities have been trained to produce their own radio shows, discussing issues that are important to them. Also, Equal Access has trained some rural community members to act as reporters. collecting voices and stories of people in their region for broadcast, creating a national dialogue. Trained local discussion facilitators lead their communities in dialogue and action around what they hear in the radio shows. Ongoing outreach communicates listener feedback to the radio production team, ensuring the content is well aligned with community needs.


Stories of empowerment continually reaffirm the value of our programs. In Nepal, over a thousand letters received each month from youth describe how the program inspired them to take action to improve their community or ask the chat show hosts for advice. Our program addressing rights and Islam in Afghanistan has encouraged local councils to show a greater respect for women’s rights in their decisions regarding such issues as divorce or domestic violence. Provided with greater education about human trafficking through our, Cambodian girls are taking greater precautions before migrating, sometimes canceling their plans to go with certain job recruiters.


Nepal, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Lao People's Democratic Republic, India


38 Keyes Avenue #3

Building 38, The Presidio

San Francisco, CA 94129

Phone: (415) 561-4885

EIN: 94-3402601

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Produce Radio

One educational episode

Equal Access' 30-minute radio programs, broadcasted via satellite and FM/AM radio, contribute to empowerment of communities in the developing countries by providing critical information on people's rights, education, health, livelihood and social services. Listeners learn critically needed information and new perspectives through engaging radio series, often with a drama component. Soap opera-like series encourage continued listenership and allow listeners to identify with real-life situations. Local...


Support A Village

One year of outreach

One year of outreach to a village supports a trained facilitator and promotes active community participation around Equal Access action programs. The outreach network is composed of non-governmental and community-based organizations that have established a presence in rural communities and are familiar with local needs. The listening and discussion groups help identify development challenges in each community and seek solutions together. With community participants in...


Expand Radio Access

One satellite receiver

Satellite radios provide crystal clear reception across a large geographical expanse, reaching people both in urban and rural areas, and even the most remote locations, via Equal Access’ satellite network that offers engaging programs. These radios are also capable of recording broadcast programs onto audio cassettes, allowing listeners to replay these programs at convenient times and locations. As the receivers are digital, they can be...


Empower A Community

30-minute radio show

Equal Access' 30-minute radio programs, broadcast via satellite and FM/AM radio, contribute to empowerment of communities in the developing countries by providing critical information on people's rights, education, health, livelihood and social services available in an engaging format. Since these programs are produced by local staff, they are culturally informed and speak to the realities of listeners.


Train Rural Leaders

One day of training

Equal Access trainings build the capacity of rural community leaders to create a local discussion group around the radio shows, encouraging listeners to share how their lives relate to the drama and how the ideas they hear could be applied to their lives. Sending someone to a one day training helps them empower their entire community to improve their lives.